Bleed To Life


Formed in 2016, Greece-based heavy Modern Rock band VONAVIBE has risen above numerous obstacles to […]
By Lesley-Ann Ang
June 21, 2023
Vonavibe - Bleed to Life album cover

Formed in 2016, Greece-based heavy Modern Rock band VONAVIBE has risen above numerous obstacles to get where they are now. They initially entered the studio in 2019 to begin working on their debut album "Bleed to Life", and amidst restrictions and lead vocalist Dyon's recovery from a motorcycle accident, VONAVIBE signed with Eclipse Records in 2022. "Bleed to Life" was released May 26, 2023.

VONAVIBE truly has no issues with creating a full-length album worthy of an introduction. Each track is distinct yet recognizable. Considering the ever-evolving sounds and subgenres going in and out of the rock scene, they have managed to create tracks like "Left for Dead" that are almost timeless, sounding as if they were meant to be part of the classic rock essentials. As always with rock albums, one slow track shows how versatile a band can be, and one of my favorite tracks "Hold On" does exactly that. "All That Remains" is one I could easily see being a crowd favorite due to its uplifting chorus.

VONAVIBE's journey to their debut album is inspiring enough on its own, and their perserverance is reflected in their musicality. For the heavy rock enthusiast, their sound might ring a bit nostalgic, and if you'd told me that this was a band that just slipped through the cracks of the late 90s rock scene, I would believe you. VONAVIBE's reintroduction to the music scene is an iconic one, and I will definitely be waiting for the next album with high expectations.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Bleed To Life" Track-listing:

1. Left for Dead
2. Run n' Hide
3. Vonavibe
4. Hold On
5. Paint It Black
6. All That Remains
7. Beyond Tolerance
8. Break Your Sky
9. Song 9
10. Alive

Vonavibe Lineup:

Dyon - Vocals/Guitar
John Tass - Guitar
George Andrian - Drums

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