Blood Magik Ritual


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VOLKIHAR; independently unsigned, hailing from […]
December 25, 2020
Volkihar - Blood Magik Ritual album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VOLKIHAR; independently unsigned, hailing from England - performing Black Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Black Magik Ritual" (released October 26th, 2020).

Since formation in 2020; the duo in question have only this here debut album in their discography entitled: "Black Magik Ritual" 10 tracks ranging at around 27:01; VOLKIHAR arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. An influential project taken that effect from the popular video game series: The Elder Scrolls.

Opening up with a groovy calamity on savagely sinister distortion, VOLKIHAR rumble with this tight reverberation that revels with weighty riffs that trailblaze with rompy yet raw maelstrom lacerations. Killing it into a blistering frenzy on steamrolling perseverance which thunders with monolithic tempos, and extreme gnarliness within the titular track. "Struggle For Survival" unearths this monstrously meaty profanity that bulldozes into a boisterously bouncy flamboyance on rip roaring shreds from firepower soloist Lord Malice who performs on everything, from his noticeable malevolence on jarring sound production manifestations that frets a frolicking aesthetic on rapidly swift nimbleness where this atmospheric but chugging array of foggy adrenaline amplifies this borderline foundation on punchy malice tenfold.

"March For Blood" distils a distinctively dynamic virtuose on some quintessential versatility where vehement gallops, and rambunctiously stompy precision tempestuously storms this rampantly satanic possession on pile driving foreboding. Where sonically seamless ramifications showcase this razor-sharp malignance on ritualistic panache, the lord's vocals consist of an excelling attribute on shouty throatiness with raspy yells that surge with ominously primitive aggression. "Feast On The Herd" articulates on this speedy velocity where this slaying but imaginative impact lowers that tone down a notch with towering persistence, while steely dexterity hastes this mistily but blasphemously hazy darkness on solid finesse. An electric but acoustic interlude "The Shaken Lamb Bleats" demonstrates a calming extract for more belting bruisers yet to come as "Thrall's Blood" stomps with thumpy yet riveting rhythms of ungodly might.

"The Machinations Court" harnesses catchy notes that tribulate this scorching embodiment in hostile frenetics, thudding with plodding substance & organic contortion. Elsewhere, "Slay The Dawnguard" distributes a guest appearance from Normakk on guitars/vocals injecting an infectiously venomous pursuit on striking yet other worldly shrieks that bombard eardrums with profusely robust technicalities. The penultimate track "Onwards To The Blackened Sun" details a diligently fierce dose on some thrilling potency while vibrantly quaking with snappy yet meticulous hymns in demonic gloominess until the overall outro "Bathing In Moonlight" chorales a unholy yet enchanting chorus epic, as it ambiently finishes the record with stunning results & mesmerizingly majestic contrast in consistent craftsmanship complexities.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that VOLKIHAR is an intriguing listen, and for a singular performance I can't fault the lord here. An enjoyably entertaining discovery on some sturdy but hefty intensities in immersively Black Metal mayhem. While the sound may seem filthy, and in edge ways that's the whole point of this sub-genre; you'll either love it or hate it - a bleeding crescendo in which spellbinds souls with motoring melodies that will rattle skulls in no time. "Blood Magik Ritual" is an evil empowering slab that's most certainly an interesting listen that offers a bunch of replay value, while remaining concretely deadly in the meantime - worthy of a listen or more, check it out.

7 / 10









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"Blood Magik Ritual" Track-listing:

1. Blood Magik Ritual
2. Struggle For Survival
3. March For Blood
4. Feast On The Herd
5. The Shaken Lamb Bleats (Interlude)
6. Thrall's Blood
7. The Machinations Of Court
8. Slay The Dawnguard
9. Onwards To A Blackened Son
10. Bathing In Moonlight (Outro)

Volkihar Lineup:

Lord Malice - All Instruments
Normakk - Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics on 'Slay The Dawnguard'

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