VOLA, a Copenhagen based quartet, was created when a common interest in eclectic Groove-oriented music […]
By Jessica R Harman
May 8, 2015
VOLA - Inmazes album cover

VOLA, a Copenhagen based quartet, was created when a common interest in eclectic Groove-oriented music that draws inspiration from a wide verity of music including 70's Progressive Rock, Electronica, and both Industrial and Extreme metal. 2008 marks the year of VOLA's debut release "Homesick Machinery", seven years later with two additional releases, they are back with a full-length studio release "Inmazes". "Inmazes" comes in with 10 tracks at just over 50 minutes of listening time.

From the moment I started this album to minute it ended it had my full attention. There is so much to absorb within the music. Its something like KILLSWITCH ENGAGED meets CHEVELLE with additional Electronica. There are mostly clean vocals in "Inmazes", however, it is riddled with screams. The album is a Heavy Rock, light Metal mix that incorporates so many different levels of Electronic and Grove Metal and heavily djents.

Track one, "The Same War" is a beautiful intro to the album. It gives a glimpse at the greatness that is to come for the next almost hour. The melody is instantly catchy and musicianship is overwhelming with goodness. This track clearly shows that these guys know exactly how to create music that is new and refreshing, but keeps the basic elements of great music classic.

"Starburn", track three, has something about it that makes it stand out. What that something is, I can't pin point. Listening and re-listening to the track lead me to the same conclusion. "Starburn" just has that something that keeps the listener helpless locked in. Could it be the ingenious bass lines, yeah it could. Could it be the low key but ever-present drum work, sure it could. To me though, it's everything that is in this track. Not one element is better than the others; it a perfect alignment of musical anatomy.

"Owls" is another track that is just gorgeously written. Its low-key musical presence that is somewhat dismantled with the harder punches of music throughout the track that makes it intriguing. The vocals are also completely lovely as there are very low bass-like vocals mixed with the normal vocals that create an enchanting depth to the track. Track six, "Emily", is more of an interlude within the album. The track is some completely soft it shows another side of what the band can create. It is beautiful and intense with soft and captivating elements. There is perfection, and then there is "Emily". I could go on all day about each and every track and how they are incredible in their own glorious ways, but there really aren't enough adjectives that can describe the greatness that this album. It is much softer than your typical Progressive album, but there is beauty in each and every component.

I would absolutely put this album under Progressive Metal greatness. The impressive amounts of different elements used throughout the album without making it difficult to keep my interest or hard to listen to. Being released in 2015, this is one of my favorite releases of the year. It is in the top three easy. "Inmazes" is beautifully written and sometimes, you just have to let the album do that talking, because the words to describe the greatness that resides within don't come out. I encourage anyone with a love for Rock and for Metal to give this a listen. It is a pretty amazing trip.

10 / 10


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"Inmazes" Track-listing:

1. Track List
2. The Same War
3. Stray the Skies
4. Starburn
5. Owls
6. Your Mind is a Helpless Dreamer
7. Emily
8. Gutter Moon
9. A Stare without Eyes
10. Feed the Creatures
11. Inmazes

VOLA Lineup:

Asger Mygind - Vocals/Guitar
Nicolai Mogensen - Bass
Martin Werner - Keyboards
Felix Ewert - Drums

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