VOIDNAUT, a metal band based in Athens, Greece, yes, Greece, was formed in 2013 by […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
February 27, 2019
Voidnaut - Nadir album cover

VOIDNAUT, a metal band based in Athens, Greece, yes, Greece, was formed in 2013 by Kostas Krikos and Steve Venardo as a small project. Soon they were joined by Kostas Alexakis (drummer of ACID DEATH) and  Kostas Tasakos (Ex-DOUBLE SQUARE). The group soon began working on original material in 2015. With influences ranging from DISTURBED to PANTERA, their overall sound became a unique mix of everything in between. The band finished recording their first album "Nadir" which was mixed/produced in Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo (SIXFORNINE ,ex- SEPTIC FLESH) and mastered by Steve Lado (TARDIVE DYSKINESIA) and was released February 8, 2019.

"Nadir" is an intro that gives a Kirk Hammett vibe. It is short but very sweet and you don't know where this is headed. As "Back From the Grave" pours into a MACHINE HEAD vibe. The guitars of Kostas Krikos and Kostas Tasakos remind of "The Locust" but the voice I haven't figured out yet. But the pre-chorus rings Rob Flynn. "Hunted" feeds into a METALLICA intro. The voice changes here. It seems a bit more angrier, there's Rob again. It kind of reminds me of Lemmy, but the voice is a tad bit higher, maybe younger? The chorus gives remnants to SKINLAB singer Steev Esquivel. The name still eludes me in this darkness, so I take another listen. The guitar's solo rips out another link to Kirk but the rest of the song still holding true to the MACHINE HEAD influence. As "This Pain of Mine" seems to hold many elements and I will only name a few. Kostas Alexakis' drumming remind of Vinnie Paul, parts have deeply rooted Dimebag influences. Steve Venardo's vocals remind of a certain vocalist, but I cannot help but wonder if. Some may think of a young Phil, some may not, but it's worth a thought.

"Control" ends the first half. Another familiar sound. The thumping drums and vocals bring SEVENDUST to mind but the solo reminds more of Slash than Clint. "Porcelain Lady" gives off and SYSTEM OF A DOWN aura. The vocals remain unchanged but the music feels a lot tighter. Steve's vocals show a great range throughout. I still cannot shake the SEVENDUST from the guitars. "Damage Done" overtakes me  with memories of horror. It isn't that the song is bad, it just sets off a trigger in my head and I get lost in my own thoughts. The lyrics are wonderfully written and the band seems to have found a perfect mix. "Scarred for Life" takes me to a reality of "if" David Draiman sang for HELLYEAH. I just continue to hear Vinnie on those drums, the SEVENDUST coated guitars that sound so good together. The song is totally worth listening to on my Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones. "Savage World" ends the album and throws a hint of AVENGED SEVENFOLD but with much better vocals. It is a great way to end an album as the mix runs true with their influences all taking a turn to show talent.

This band from Greece, yes, it is Greece, completely blows me away. It isn't the harsh Black Metal we are use to hearing from overseas. They have the ability to tune into their influences and bring that out in their music. I could listen to this while working out or just chilling in the evening with a glass of Crown or three. "Nadir" throws you a juicy bone that tastes really good. When the first full track hits you and you can't stop being addicted to the familiar sounds of old and new. VOIDNAUT seem to pay homage to many influences within their own form of art. Songs "Back From the Grave" and "The Damage Done" combine them all very well. This album is definitely worth a listen and maybe more than once, especially on a headset.


10 / 10









"Nadir" Track-listing:

1. Nadir (Intro)
2. Back From The Grave
3. Hunted
4. This Pain of Mine
5. Control
6. Porcelain Lady
7. Damage Done
8. Scarred For Life
9. Road To Nowhere
10. Savage World

Voidnaut Lineup:

Steve Venardo - Vocals
Kostas Krikos - Guitars
Kostas Alexakis - Drums
Kostas Tasakos - Bass


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