The Autumn Throne

Void Moon

There is so much great Doom Metal out right now, it's just a down-tuned paradise. […]
December 13, 2020
Void Moon - The Autumn Throne album cover

There is so much great Doom Metal out right now, it's just a down-tuned paradise. Case in point is VOID MOON out of Skane county, Sweden. The duo formed back in 2009 and have since released two EPs and three full-length albums. Their latest album, "The Autumn Throne," was issued on November 26, 2020 on Sun & Moon Records. With clean harmonic vocals and deep-riffed melodies, VOID MOON invokes a sense of Vikings and dragons but their lyrics center on a dark mysticism teetering on the edge of mad horror. I don't think they're intentionally Lovecraftian, but a cosmic dread vibe certainly prevails.

The thing about having only two band members is that the sonic congruity runs high. It's hard for the bassist and guitarist to be at odds when they are the same person. And your once dispensable drummer is suddenly indispensable when he is also the vocalist. Also, drummer vocalist. The list of metal drummers who are frontmen isn't long. There's Proscriptor McGovern (ABSU), Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY), and of course the most metal of them all, Karen F*ing Carpenter. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself). And now there's Marcus Rosenqvist who, btw, isn't just a vocalist, he's a damn good vocalist who is also a damn good drummer.

"The Autumn Throne" is a stunning album. From the production values to the thoughtful songwriting to the diverse arrangements, this album bears excessive repeating. Even the sub two-minute instrumental is solid. My favorite tracks are "The Autumn Throne," a nine-minute masterpiece; "Invulnerable," a foreboding slab marching Doom; "The Raven Will Not Return," with a riff reminiscent of METAL CHURCH's "Into The Black"; and "Realm of Indigo" that builds into a gorgeous and triumphant metal tidal wave.

As if the music itself weren't enough, the lyrics are also well-crafted. The album bookends the narrative with "Feels Like Hell (Now Turning Black)" and "To Outlive Myself (No Turning Back)." And, of course, the seven tracks in between do well to fill in the storyline. For those who like to read along, have no fear, the album comes with a 12-page booklet showcasing the lyrics.

So, I'm sitting here writing this conclusion listening to "The Autumn Throne" on my headsets. No matter how many times I have heard an album, listening to it while writing the actual review is always a must. The album has cycled through one and half times already, which means the title track is queuing up. I'm struck again with just how devastatingly good this album is. Do what you need to do to get this album. Call it an early Christmas present, call it splurging, call it treating yourself to some epic metal that you know you deserve, just go out and buy this album now. You'll not regret it.

10 / 10









"The Autumn Throne" Track-listing:
  1. Feels Like Hell (Now Turning Black)
  2. The Raven Will Not Return
  3. Realm Of Indigo
  4. Invulnerable
  5. The Autumn Throne
  6. Distant Shores (Drifting On The Waves Of Restlessness)
  7. Afternoon Towing
  8. Of Wind And Cloud
  9. To Outlive Myself (No Turning Back)
Void Moon Lineup:

Peter Svensson - Bass, guitars
Marcus Rosenqvist - Drums, vocals

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