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Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness

Void Meditation Cult

Here we're dealing with a cult which -for the rough majority- remains either a taboo […]
By Vladimir Leonov
August 29, 2013
Void Meditation Cult - Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness album cover

Here we're dealing with a cult which -for the rough majority- remains either a taboo or an unclear sect often surrounded with misbelieves and inaccurate data without really consulting any of the true occult followers. Personally speaking, I've never met any Satan worshipper either, but rather lots of people pretending to belong to the sect with each one enumerating diverse rituals thus who the hell will distinguish who's wrong or right! For that very reason, let me remind you all that I have nothing against the mentioned occult, but just criticizing the hereby music album.

Satanist imprints are crystal clear even starting from the typical artwork depicting two skulls in each a blazing candle is implanted, both surrounding a cup apparently full of either wine or blood, as "a worship session" atmosphere best incarnated while browsing the tracks through the melancholic scales of the echoed guitar chords. And as I mentioned in a previous review, despite what you may think, bad recording quality may indeed be surprisingly a plus for certain genres for the further tenebrous atmosphere they spice up. Though there is no actual tempo shift, the note duration diversity can be an energizing factor, for the album finds itself often oriented towards a doom-like tempo (which by the way puts emphasis on the atmospheric guideline). Then, nothing really special concerning the guitar simple riffs that are sometimes reproduced along the whole "All Of The Devil's Temple" as the tremolo makes you feel as if there's just one heavily accentuated echoed instrument along with drums. The general concept consists indeed of the following: tremolo and double drum bass pedaling VS open chords and basic drum beat (drum bass / hi-hat / snare with crashes added from here and there), yet it truly matters as the drum sound isn't intense enough but rather overwhelmed by a relatively disappointing guitar play lacking even the least solo. A potentially wrong façade choice, but it was perhaps on purpose so as to accentuate the scales which are the main atmosphere definer rather than drums.

The vocals -though of a rookie without the least depth- are somehow conform to the main malediction ambiance, and sometimes presented as an alternation between growls and whispering (the latter being way better than the first), other times heavily distorted and echoed, once mingled with synthetic monstrous roars making the whole synth elements the most acclaimed part of the album for having pictured -in the ending solo of each track- a perfect state of endless fright in a damned church, where the horrifying sound of bells and uncanny whispers melt with the blow of wind in a weirdly serene VOID MEDITATION CULT.

A sectarian album loyal to the Black Metal in blood and soul. Nevertheless, the narrow theme specificity is a factor limiting any other direction than the reigning atmosphere of murk however creating an excellent material for a "Satanist praying session"! Let me point last of all that this is one person's effort, something which can be nothing but hailed, atmospherically speaking it's incontestably ear-candy yet we all long for more complex riffs, for the atmosphere-technique duality (in any rate of proportion) is the key to ensure the creation of a sustainable and cherished album.

3 / 10


"Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness" Track-listing:

1. Consecrated By Sacrifice
2. Obedience To Evil
3. All Of The Devil's Temple
4. Rites Of The Ruminant Dead
5. Serpent Mass Litany
6. A Pact In Stone And Skin
7. The Majestic Doomed Kingdom
8. Born Of The Blighting Angel

Void Meditation Cult Lineup:

Dave Ingram "Desolate Defiler" - All Instruments

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