Voice Of Revenge

A bleak vision of a shattered upcoming, this is where us humans betray our own […]
July 15, 2013
Voice Of Revenge - Disintegration album cover

A bleak vision of a shattered upcoming, this is where us humans betray our own selves, leading our common folk into the brink of crumbling while not listening or heeding the warnings whereas those still mattered or could have prevented a terrible thing from happening. Is this the time to say goodbye and to saviour one's prayers to the almighty above? It is never certain because anything can happen. May not in this lifetime anyway, but why being austere about it, let's at least be thankful for what we have and listen so some "Disintegration" that occurred in someone's twisted mind, a voice from beyond seeking for vengeance. So it ends up with the German Death Metal incorporated, VOICE OF REVENGE, to do the dirty work and spread fear among those who are too overly euphoric as opposed to the aware ones, and thus hail with their second burnt offering, "Disintegration". Nothing about the religious end of days, but whether nature or us, there is something out there that trusts the fact that our days are numbered.

I might have been awfully negative, considering my early remarks, but what I can tell you is that these impressions of wondering, greyness, uncertainty, and of course pessimism, are exactly the aspects I felt out of this album. No hope whatsoever, only grimness, depravity and termination. For one thing VOICE OF REVENGE got through with their hidden memorandum and its through their lyricism and song titles. But above all, through their sheer musical brutality, there were able to penetrate my views and thoughts and made me spectate and analyse the current world's wellbeing, the world of broken promises. On the other hand, I wasn't just in for another theme; I am here also for experiencing another form, better stated another version, of Death Metal. VOICE OF REVENGE screamed the scream of the early 90s Swedish scene, more of the melodic and harmonic driven consistencies of DARK TRANQUILLITY and AT THE GATES, rather than the ruthless figures of Thrash as SLAYER or brutish Death as early HYPOCRISY or early ENTOMBED charging with fast barrages of drumming and rapid tremolo picking. More or less the material flowed pretty nicely, though I have to admit that up until the advent of "In Mutual Disparity", I was a bit skeptic of how this release is going to proceed, but eventually it elevated from there into a fine measure of rudimentary, but at times semi intricate, Death Metal prowess.

Between "In Mutual Disparity" right through the machine's cease fire of "The Reckoning", which blasted its way through countless of walls right before vanishing into nothingness, VOICE OF REVENGE provided quite a show of talent with ample songwriting, nicely made song arrangements, with a vocal man that ultimately didn't tire. I was rather disappointed due to the shortage of soloing, other than on "The Reckoning". Yet as always on this type of Death Metal, there are the melodies to sustain me. I really enjoyed those tremolo picking harmonies, whether fast or slow in tempo. Honestly, most of those melodious selections of riffs were overly claimed by others before, though upgrading and enhancing the songwriting efforts. "Manifest" pounded mercilessly, sharpening its hatchet, soaring growl vocals, wreaking agony with gruesome attacks. I really enjoyed the passages that conveyed a nice melodic riff. "Overture of Nemesis" is no less than vicious, harmonious as well, and even a bit classier than the former. In the end, VOICE OF REVENGE were capable to please this Death Metal fan's wish for something solid. "Disintegration" convinced that there is something good going, I would really like them to upscale this one next time.

7 / 10


"Disintegration" Track-listing:

1. Blinded
2. The Blackened Sun (Dystopia)
3. Malevolence Demised
4. Disintegration
5. In Mutual Disparity
6. Overture of Nemesis
7. Nadryw (The Demon)
8. Manifest
9. The Reckoning

Voice Of Revenge Lineup:

Thomas Döll - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Kretschmer - Guitar
Peter Müller - Bass
Tilman Witschel - Drums

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