Imagination Of The Subject Of Infinity

Vital Science

It's always nice to find great Metal music come from countries that are otherwise less […]
By Daniel Fox
December 23, 2013
Vital Science - Imagination Of The Subject Of Infinity album cover

It's always nice to find great Metal music come from countries that are otherwise less well-known in the heavy metal scene. VITAL SCIENCE is a Progressive Power Metal band comprised of a mixture of extremely skilled Latvian and Estonian musicians, and their debut release is equal parts heavy and melodic, and the entire bit progressive. The singer, Alexey Boykov commands a unique voice; extremely aggressive and forceful, to the point where it sounds like he is living and breathing the lyrics. On the other hand, he is able to switch to a completely different, more melodic persona, not unlike Apollo Papathanasio or Mats Leven.

Really, the first track, "Bridge of Sorrow" (following "Overture") sounds like something out of ADAGIO's discography; quite a compliment. Even the vocals are spot on with Gustavo's in parts. But alas, that is what the intro merely led me to believe. This track is arranged in a meticulously avant-garde fashion that only a progressive-metal band would think of concocting. Alas I am brought to a different world again upon listening to the track that immediately follows; "The Last Trial" even reminds me a little of ANGRA, in the sense that this song is a match for their caliber in terms of mature sound-writing and instrumental proficiency. Alexey's gruff and choking vocal style with a crunching rhythm section is perfectly balanced by beautiful lead guitar (and lead bass?) and keyboard melodies. I am personally stoked to hear something like this come out of a corner of Europe that is not readily on everyone's minds when they hear the world 'metal'.

Next up has to be my favorite song off the record; "Fallen from Grace". Not strictly able to be categorized into any Metal genre, it contains something for everyone. I hear majestic and crunching riffage from ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE; I hear sweeping symphonic arrangements from EPICA, trippy rhythmic arrangements from MESHUGGAH and rich vocals from DREAM THEATRE, not to mention the Rudess- like keyboards arrangements. For me, this is simply one of those tracks you just cannot fault. Another incredibly strong track that stood out for me was "Black Judgement Day", which happened to contain the strangest, yet most intriguing riff ideas I have heard on the album, with particular attention paid to the intro with stunted rhythms and unorthodox, throbbing chord progressions, and a mind-addling keyboard-bass solo part way through.

I have heard a lot of progressive music in my relatively short time as a Metal enthusiast, but I feel that this band has the potential to be up there (musically) with the greats, and at the very least are one of the best new bands I have heard this year.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Imagination Of The Subject Of Infinity" Track-listing:

1. Overture
2. Bridge of Sorrow
3. The Last Trial
4. Endless Sky
5. Truth Be Told
6. Fallen from Grace
7. Black Judgement Day
8. Dream Survives
9. Prayer to Survive
10. The Curtains Fall

Vital Science Lineup:

Alexey Boykov -Vocals
Sergey Boykov - Keyboards
Aleksandr Volpert - Guitars
Vladimir Mihailicenko - Guitars
Stanislav Kilmasov - Bass
Rustam Guseinov - Drums

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