Into Abeyance


Originally named VISIONARY, the band would later rename themselves as VISIONARY666. From research, we see […]
By Michael Coyle
November 2, 2015
Visionary666 - Into Abeyance album cover

Originally named VISIONARY, the band would later rename themselves as VISIONARY666. From research, we see that the band released one EP back in nineteen ninety-eight, entitled "Heredity", and we see the band returns with a new name and a full record entitled "Into Abeyance".

We start with the track "Abeyance", a track that starts off strong and hits where it needs to hit, but as well has the power you would expect from a band who are looking to gain a new and younger fan base since their return. The track has a lot of old school influences which, from closer observation, shows us that the band shares an inspiration for VADER and very old school CANNIBAL CORPSE in terms to how we see the band play and bring out all these aggressive yet different styles to the playing field. This really allows for the band to stand out in the way that we see a band returning strong and energetic as anything.

"I Shall Not Rest" is an obvious track to see that the band wants to bring something traditional to a younger and older audience, as we see the band bring yet another power bound track with some interesting ideas; from listening to this track, we see the band bring a smoother touch to this track compared to previous, as it sounds as if the structure for this track holds more of a progressive, yet evil, tone to which can be heard through the tracks chorus, though honestly, when listening to the vocals on this song, it is really easy to see that a lot of time and patience was put into creating this song. This track in general is one of the main songs I would say would pull in an appreciative crowd of fans who are looking for something different, yet familiar to listen to. "Forced Religion" is a track that takes us through what we have seen so far, in terms of musical types. It presents songs based on a topic of religion and the ideas they hold based on it, whereas other musicians seem to take it to a different level, in terms of trying to push how evil they are, whereas VISIONARY666 are continuing to show us just what it is they are capable of by showing their best with the records third track entitled "Forced Religion". There are a lot of bands that sing about the corruption of religion, as well as stating their opinions, but when we listen to this track, we see a band that focuses more on the idea of what religion is and how they stand on the matter with a track that blasts the emotion more then the spoken ideas of others. This track really has some incredible riffs to it, which honestly, structures the track perfectly, as we see though the middle of the track.

"When Gods Cease to Exist" shows us that musically the band has different shades to them in terms of how we see them structure their songs and change things up, for whichever reason, when we kick into this track, we see just what they are capable of, in terms of going from the lightest sides of speed and growls, to the heavier side, which takes us through some of the bands better ideas. Really though, it is incredible to see this in a band that has been able to remake everything and then take their work to a new ground of powerful yet very brutal death metal.

I really feel that this record offers a lot for fans and a lot of interesting, yet very different ways of presenting extreme music to the public, as well as riffs that truly work in the best respects possible. I really feel this is a record that can work for new and old fans alike.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Into Abeyance" Track-listing:

1. Abeyance
2. I Shall Not Rest
3. Forced Religion
4. When Gods Cease to Exist
5. Kataklismic Disaster
6. Rihada
7. Rise To Destroy
8. Its Better To Suffer
9. God of all Weeds
10. This Life Ends Here

Visionary666 Lineup:


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