Addition to Death and Anguish


Polish Death Metal was never heavier before VISHURDDHA stepped into the scene to deliver their […]
By Liam Easley
June 6, 2019
Vishurddha - Addition to Death and Anguish album cover

Polish Death Metal was never heavier before VISHURDDHA stepped into the scene to deliver their first full-length, "Addiction to Death and Anguish," an album whose title is fitting to the content within. Each song steps into a world of brutality in line with classic acts such as DEEDS OF FLESH as well as more modern ones like ABYSMAL TORMENT. While this album delivers heavy and brutal composition, there is one overarching problem: its structure. It is not easy to say that there is a bad song on this album, because there isn't one, but there are some that are better than others, and the two best songs are right at the start.

"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" is a very thick song with heavy riffs complimented by the chunky and fitting production. There is a whiff of technicality as the riffs go by at blistering speeds, and the riffs go from jumpy to harmonizing with flawless transitioning. "Monuments of Flesh" contains a main riff that is memorable due to its different time signature and overall progressive feel. The slow yet sinister pace of the song makes it stand out as the highlight of the album. However, this all occurs within the first two tracks.

The next five tracks show plenty of brutality and technically proficient musicianship, but the finest two examples of this band's songwriting ability are expended within the first two tracks. Distributing these two songs would have been much more beneficial to this album rather than grouping them at the beginning. If anything, "Monument of Flesh" would have served as a perfect middle song because of its slower pace and nasty attitude.

This album has other incredible tracks as well, including "Pleasure in Torture" and "Fed Up with Lies," both of which are notable for their solo sections. The former of the two features a song structure with great progression and little repetition. The solo bridges the gap between two sections of the song, being the only instrument playing after a while before delving straight into the jugular with intense riffing.

Overall, each track has very intense and brutal riffs, and the drums have the same impact. This album is full of a very heavy and thick production job, and it affects the drums in the most positive way. The drums have a very sharp yet whole tone to them, and they always seem to be doing their part whenever it comes to making a riff sound heavier. The intro riff to "Pleasure in Torture" is composed entirely of guitar until the drums come in, making it heavier and more powerful.

VISHURDDHA created a very monumental full-length. The nods to ABYSMAL TORMENT and NILE are very strong on this release, and their future holds a lot of potential. What is shown on this album is heavy and brutal, and despite the very slightly unbalanced structure of the album, it is very easy to love this album.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Addition to Death and Anguish" Track-listing:

1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2. Monuments of Flesh
3. Raped on the Cross of Innocence
4. Faded Existence
5. Pleasure in Torture
6. Fed Up with Lies
7. Sentenced to Extinction
8. Outro

Vishurddha Lineup:

Jakub Stopyra - Drums
Damian Duda - Guitars
Matuesz Sibila - Vocals
Łukasz Adamiak - Guitars
Grzegorz Jaworski - Bass

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