Bells of Awakening


By this time, it is fair to say that American Heavy Metal quintet VISIGOTH is […]
By John Paul Romero
May 7, 2019
Visgoth - Bells of Awakening album cover

By this time, it is fair to say that American Heavy Metal quintet VISIGOTH is no longer an "up and coming" band. In 2015, they laid a strong foundation with their debut record "The Revenant King" and reinforced it with 2018's "Conqueror's Oath" which was voted by Encyclopaedia Metallum users as the best album of 2018. It is crystal clear right now that VISIGOTH is a force to reckon with, and that they are a provider of high quality music.

One year after their opus magnum (by far, I shall say) "Conqueror's Oath", they announce a 2-track EP called "Bells of Awakening". One of the two songs was already released as a single, "Fireseeker". The song is like a look back at their debut album, employing thick melodies on a generally mid-paced tempo. The connection between Jamison Palmer and Leeland Campana is one of the aspects that pushed them into the spotlight, and this song has enough of that to create a flame as bright as the one we saw with their previous releases. Jake Rogers also sounded so good in the song, and it is really clear that after establishing a certain approach on singing, he is still improving. He's got a pair of tremendous lungs, and a unique vocal quality and range - or simply, an amazing voice. That's why he is the perfect singer for this band - he catches the vibe of old school American heavymetal with the likes of MANILLA ROAD but sounds all too original and fresh.

Talking about the other track, "Abysswalker", it is completely different from the first song. First of all, it has a more aggressive pace, Mikey T. is busier, and it has a denser guitar work. It also has a more complex song structure as compared to "Fireseeker". The droning effect of the guitars provides it a little bit of a dark mood at times. Despite sounding different, it is still very much a VISIGOTH brand of heavy metal. The signature sound of their guitars is unchanged and it's their attack that is slightly different. The energy really makes it a high-octane track that you'll love to play while on the road.

"Bells of Awakening" is a really amazing sip of a new material that will only leave you craving for more. If this EP is an indication of an upcoming album, that only means that they are treading the right path.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Bells of Awakening" Track-listing:

1. Fireseeker
2. Abysswalker

Visgoth Lineup:

Jamison Palmer - Guitars
Leeland Campana - Guitars
Jake Rogers - Vocals
Matt Brotherton - Bass
Mikey T. - Drums

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