Transcend Into Ferocity

Visceral Bleeding

All Hail Cannibal Corpse's offspring from Sweden, Visceral Bleeding, with their second album, "Transcend Into […]
By Fotis Giakob
June 4, 2004
Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity album cover

All Hail Cannibal Corpse's offspring from Sweden, Visceral Bleeding, with their second album, "Transcend Into Ferocity, published under Neurotic records and exactly two years after their debut.
To be honest all Cannibal Corpse clones do sound the same, due to the nature of the genre and with the exception of a few, this kind of metal is very limited in creativity and uniqueness. Either way Visceral Bleeding is a new band and new bands try to be creative and unique but they easily fall into traps like "copying their influences. Do they? We will find out...
What should I say bout Visceral Bleeding? Should I say that they remind me early and inexperienced Cannibal Corpse? Should I mention that the good moments of this album are as few as the possibilities that we're the only race in this universe? Well, all the above are true! Visceral Bleeding are just boring, repetitive, uncreative and full of mindless "music pounding. If you think that Cannibal Corpse or Six Feet Under sound the same just listen to the new albums of these bands and I'm pretty sure that you'll find songs that you'd probably  really like, whether you're a fan of the genre or not.
They try to keep some contingency in their music but they fail horribly. When they try to build some tension and brutality in their album they just throw a guitar solo that really sounds like a bad mixing of anything other than a planned musical effort. In some songs they do drop some Swedish Death Metal elements which works against the songs instead of working for them. Musically, "Transcend Into Ferocity is OK for the genre, nothing more and nothing less. The album's duration is unexpectedly short - only 28 minutes- and for the undersigned, the final feeling was a bad headache.
I may sound harsh, but if Visceral Bleeding were to "copy Cannibal Corpse, at least they should have sounded descent. "Transcend Into Ferocity is only recommended for the true followers of extreme gore death metal and if you want to hear something like it and from Sweden just hear the mighty Bloodbath. I'll just have to pass on this anyway...

3 / 10


"Transcend Into Ferocity" Track-listing:

Merely Parts Remain
Fed To The Dogs
Indulged In Self Mutilation
Fury Unleashed
Trephine The Malformed
All Flesh...
Clenched Fist Obedience
Fire Took His Face
When Pain Came To Town
Fury Unleashed

Visceral Bleeding Lineup:

Dennis Röndum - Vocals
Peter Persson - Guitar
Marcus Nilsson - Guitar
Calle Löfgren - Bass
Tobbe 'Rotten Boy' Persson - Drums

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