Northern Twilight Symphony


Finland continues surprising us all the time with bands coming from there. I will not […]
By Alex Farmakis
June 2, 2004
Virtuocity - Northern Twilight Symphony album cover

Finland continues surprising us all the time with bands coming from there. I will not name them now because this review is about Virtuocity and not about any other band. Let's see now who these guys are.
"Northern Twilight Symphony is the second album of this Finnish band. It's a very good Power Metal album and very interesting for all the people who are searching for new bands in this genre. For all the rest who aren't interested in Power Metal, they should listen to it for one time at least. They may change their mind.
In my opinion their basic influences must be Labyrinth and Vision Divine, but I can also see some influences coming from Kamelot, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray. The songs are very good and we can see that these guys did a serious job here. They all seem to know very well how to play their parts in the band. They are not just some kids who picked up some instruments because they wanted to play some music. They are very good musicians.
The singer has a very good voice as he does not sing out of tune in any song of the album. The keyboards will surely remind you of bands such as Stratovarius and Rhapsody and the guitars sound in  many songs like Labyrinth, Vision Divine and Gamma Ray (as I mentioned before). The 14 songs of the album are enjoyable and no one will get tired by listening to this album.
In conclusion, I have to say that this is an album that you will listen to many times and you will like it very much. At least I did. I hope that we hear about them soon again in the near future

7 / 10


"Northern Twilight Symphony" Track-listing:

Spell Of Seduction
Forever Young
Flames In The Sky
Moonlight Shadows
Wheels Of Time
Wings Of Dawn
Within My Heart
Light In The Dark
Winter Nights
Land Of A Thousand Lakes
Shaman Beat
Northern Twilight

Virtuocity Lineup:

Jaron Sebastian Raven - Guitar
Tom Joens - Bass
Peter James Goodman - Vocals
Michael Thomas - Keyboard
Joey Edith - Drums

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