Virtue in Vain

VIRTUE IN VAIN are a four-piece Progressive Metalcore band based in Cardiff, South Wales. Since forming […]
Virtue in Vain - Dusk/Dawn album cover

VIRTUE IN VAIN are a four-piece Progressive Metalcore band based in Cardiff, South Wales. Since forming in 2012, they have established themselves as one of the strongest upcoming bands following the release of their debut EP "For All You Know is the Mask I Wore." They have extensively toured the UK, portraying the raw aggression in their music with a highly energetic show that won't long be forgotten. The EP contains five tracks.

"Dusk" leads us off...with eerie piano notes and a feeling of something being out there in the darkness. The main riff drops and it's heavy and aggressive. The vocals are somewhere between Metalcore and Deathcore. Some background ambiance adds a level of creepiness to the music. "Marionette" is a bit shorter but does not lack in aggressiveness. The riffing however is fairly simple for the genre. "Afterthought" is similar in cadence and in sound. They seem to have a formula that they are sticking with and there isn't much variation. Some of the vocals are deep Deathcore here.

"Negative Silent" opens with more of that wonderful piano we heard at the beginning of the first track. The piano stays present throughout the song bringing some much needed layers to the music. "Dawn" closes the album, with a bit of opening programming before the main riff drops. Slow and lumbering, it punishes you while the piano dances lightly over top. This song has a little bit more going on. Overall, I really don't hear many Progressive elements here, but that is neither here nor there. For a debut album, it has potential. The piano notes are nice. If they could find a way to incorporate more of them into the album, or come up with some more variation, they would be on to something. They have the heavy side of the genre down pat...now it's time to explore more of the melodic side without giving up their integrity.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Dusk/Dawn" Track-listing:

1. Dusk
2. Marionette
3. Afterthought
4. Negative Silent
5. Dawn

Virtue in Vain Lineup:

Hywel Thomas - Vocals
Emyr Thomas - Guitar
Mason Williams - Bass
Daniel Bryant - Drums

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