Vote is a Bullet

Virgin Snatch

Admittedly, having no prior history with this band, my initial prediction was that theirs would […]
January 14, 2019
Virgin Snatch - Vote is a Bullet album cover

Admittedly, having no prior history with this band, my initial prediction was that theirs would be a sound somewhere between the Grind-comedy of Seth Putnam's ANAL CUNT and the raunchy Black Metal of CARPATHIAN FORESTVIRGIN SNATCH, however, is surprisingly on the more serious side of things despite the name.  Hailing from Poland, the band formed in 2001.  "Vote is a Bullet" is their sixth full-length and is not in any way a reference to C.O.C.

The album begins with an intro in which familiar quotes from F.D.R., M.L.K., and even Obama are laid over clean guitar.  Soon, a busy guitar part precipitates the beginning of the first actual track, "Face in the Dirt".  The basis formed out of riffs that could double as leads, theirs is a unique approach.  Aggressive vocals intersect clean vocals that are not a turn off bur rather really enhance the song.  The two guitarists trade off leads like twin hyperactive maniacal combinations of Dimebag and Bill Steer.  There is not a bit of siliness here but rather a promising blend of violence and melody that sounds totally original.

The fourth track, "Swarm of Wild Bees," is framed by a low riff over which a haunting guitar melody chimes.  Afterward, the groove begins and it is impossible not to at least not one's head.  The bass tone is rich in dirty girth and provides the bedrock over which the melodic content is laid.  "Defending the Wisdom," track six, starts eerily with myriad guitar harmonies.  The band then launches into a more straight-forward approach that becomes the quintessence of syncopation during the verse.  The eerie mood returns for the chorus over which infectious clean vocals soar.  The closest point of reference that comes to mind would be Zak Stevens who started his tenure with SAVATAGE on 1993's "Edge of Thorns".

One is reminded of the early 1990s when creativity ruled listening to this band blend crushingly heavy riffs, amazing leads, and traditional clean vocals.  VIRGIN SNATCH proved me wrong with this album and their excellent musicianship and penchant for songwriting.  This is inventive Thrash that swings, shoves, and kicks its way as it moves the genre forward.  Agan, Poland has shown itself to be a hot bed for immense musical talent.  With riffs this big, leads that dazzle as such, and catchy hooks, it is easy to see a promising future for this band as theirs is a sound sure to please the many rather than the few.

7 / 10









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"Vote is a Bullet" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Face in the Dirt
3. Vote is a Bullet
4. Swarm of the Wild Bees
5. Ineffective Grand Gestures
6. Defending the Wisdom
7. G.A.W.R.O.N.Y.
8. Antipodes
9. We are Underground

Virgin Snatch Lineup:

Grysik - Guitars
Zielony - Vocals
Aniol - Bass
Pawel Pasek - Guitars
Icanraz- Drums

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