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Italian rockers VIOLET BLEND put forth their second album "Demons" featuring powerful vocals and energetic […]
June 1, 2022
Violet Blend - Demons album cover

Italian rockers VIOLET BLEND put forth their second album "Demons" featuring powerful vocals and energetic music. The power and beauty of Giada Celeste Chelli's voice is immediately apparent and its enchantment persists throughout the album. The first song "Rock DJ" is kind of like a party rock song that's an ode to the genre and shows off their energetic style. A lot of times this album reminded me of listening to HALESTORM, not just because the band is female-fronted, but because of the lyricism and style of the music. A good example is the song "I'm Only Happy When I'm Drunk," which is a song that sounded to me exactly like something Lzzy Hale would sing. I think fans of alternative rock music such as this would enjoy this band. For me, I prefer lyrics with a little deeper meaning.

I'm guessing "He Said He Was Pregnant" is a song about an excessively manipulative man judging from the lyrics. It's a bit of a weird stretch, however. The rest of the song is clearly about a man messing with a woman's head, but the imagery associated with him being pregnant or even just trying to say he's pregnant to get her to stay is really far-fetched. Maybe I'm missing the point partially. But it was weird to me. I had the same feelings for the song "Smell Like the Hospitals." First of all, what an insult! But I think the analogy is lost on me. The album boasts several songs in the Italian language, which I loved. Even without knowing the language "La Donna Mobile" is extremely catchy and could easily get stuck in your head. "Muoio in un Bicchiere" is a nice, pretty rock ballad and "In Mezzo ai Folli" is a great song to have closed out the album with its strong-sounding and passionate chorus.

The songs I liked best on this album were "Need" and "Morning" and "Pray." I liked the darker atmosphere of these songs. The tone of the music kind of reminded me of listening to something like 10 YEARS or CHEVELLE or EVANESCENCE. Even though their music is really my style, I think they've put out a decent alternative rock effort and it's undeniable that Giada's voice will be a treat for listening ears.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Demons" Track-listing:

1. Rock DJ
2. He Said He Was Pregnant
3. Among All These Fools
4. I'm Only Happy When I'm Drunk
5. Need
6. Morning
7. Pray
8. La Donna Mobile
9. Earth
10. Muoio in un Bicchiere
11. Smell Like the Hospitals
12. A Part of Me
13. In Mezzo ai Folli

Violet Blend Lineup:

Giada Celeste Chelli - Lead Vocals, Piano, Orchestration
Daniele Cristellon - Guitars
Ferruccio Baroni - Bass
Michel Agostini - Drums and Vocals

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