More Victims

Violent Hammer

The third demo from Finnish death metal outfit. Listening to this demo really took me […]
By HP Buttcraft
April 16, 2015
Violent Hammer - More Victims album cover

The third demo from Finnish death metal outfit. Listening to this demo really took me back to the days where metal was simply brutality and volume. I can't honestly say that I hated "More Victims" even though, at times, I didn't want to see the music from VIOLENT HAMMER than what's on the surface. But VIOLENT HAMMER is able to tap into the death metal experience that a lot of Death Metal bands from the genre's earliest days are able to tap into.

On the downside of this demo, these songs are really hard to tell apart from each other. There are only small characteristics that give a distinction between the songs. For instance, I liked the song "Extinction (Nuclear War)" but if you were to play me the song "Craving For Flesh" after I had heard this demo at least 10 times and told me that it was actually "Extinction (Nuclear War)", there would be no way for me to tell you that you were wrong or right. The vocals can also get exhaustive at times. The singer sometimes sounds like he's squealing like a dying rabbit. That's sort of brutal, I suppose, but it's not exactly what I like to hear.

Still, though, if you're a big fan of DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT or LORD MANTIS or just old school death metal and thrash metal, please give VIOLENT HAMMER a chance. These guys have a ton of heart and you can tell that by listening to their songs.

8 / 10


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"More Victims" Track-listing:

1. Victims of War
2. Extinction (Nuclear War)
3. Army of the Damned
4. Craving for Flesh
5. Black Death
6. Life After Nuclear Genocide

Violent Hammer Lineup:

Lauri Autioniemi - Bass
Kalle Salmivaara - Drums
Janne Karjalinen - Guitar
Lasse Limma - Guitar
Joonas Niemeläinen - Vocals

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