VIÖLENCE is Dylan Potter. From vocals to guitars to bass to drums, he covers it […]
June 5, 2019
Viölence - MotörDemon album cover

VIÖLENCE is Dylan Potter. From vocals to guitars to bass to drums, he covers it all. "MotörDemon" was released in January 2018, but like most demonic things, it just won't stay down. The EP is available for download on Bandcamp, but if you want the bonus track you're going to have to find it on vinyl. Befittingly, VIÖLENCE and Potter come to us out of Sydney, Australia. You remember Australia, the place where pretty much anything can kill you. This 5/6-track treasure of Black/Speed Metal starts with a Latin evocation of . . . I don't know, it's Latin, but I am wagering it's not lauding the virtues of celibacy. Following that, the fun starts. "Ritual of the Goat" is a strong assault, although Potter does struggle with the vocals-or maybe that's the sound he was going for. Either way, it's not a bad song.

"Chained Up" is second up. It's a steady onslaught of riffs and drums, and Potter's vocals hold up just fine. By this point the EP is solidly good but not remarkable. All that changes, however, with the third track, "L.S.D. (Leather, Sex, Death)." A little MOTORHEAD, a little VENOM, a lot of fangs and claws. This song almost makes the entire EP on its own, but there is more in store. "Worship at Midnight" is a worthy offering to the metal gods. The longest track on the EP, Potter shows off his fairly impressive guitar work as well as his abilities on the drums. Of the two, he's definitely a better guitarist; although, what Potter's drumming may lack in originality, he certainly makes up for in stamina.

The title track, "MotörDemon," closes the EP (unless you're fortunate enough to have scored the vinyl). Together with "L.S.D. (Leather, Sex, Death)," "MotörDemon" makes this EP a double-fisted threat. The track starts with the revving of a motorcycle. Now, think of all the metal songs you know with this iconic intro-"Blue Snow," ORANGE GOBLIN; "Hell Bent for Leather" (live) JUDAS PRIEST, "Wheels of Fire," MANOWAR; and more-you just can't go wrong fusing metal with motorcycles. True to form, "MotörDemon" does not disappoint. This song will stay in your rotation longer than your neighbors will like.

Things that could have been better: I would have liked more volume. An EP like this deserves to be cranked. It was simply recorded too low. I also needed an album and not an EP, but this is really not a fault more than a wish. We can only hope that Potter will serve us up some more VIÖLENCE later this year.

7 / 10









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"MotörDemon" Track-listing:

1. Ritual of the Göat
2. Chained Up
3. L.S.D (Leather, Sex, Death)
4. Wörship at Midnight
5. MotörDemon
6. Lords of Sleaze *Vinyl release only 

Viölence Lineup:

Dylan Potter - Everything

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