Realms of the Untold


It doesn't get more True Viking Metal than being named after a BATHORY song and […]
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
August 27, 2016
Vinterblot - Realms of the Untold album cover

It doesn't get more True Viking Metal than being named after a BATHORY song and while they might not be Scandinavian, VINTERBLOT do a grand job of flying the berserker flag on their second album. Clocking in at a brisk thirty-four minutes, 'Realms of The Untold' is a satisfying roar of pagan fury. They owe a debt to AMON AMARTH and on more than one occasion do recall Johan Hegg and his bearded brethren, but there's a vein of Black Metal running through VINTERBLOT that makes them stand out from the shield wall. 'Frostbitten' for example opens with a riff that brings to mind 'Runes to my Memory.' It's an intro that would be problematic if it weren't for the fact it's terrific, a real "take breath and bang head" moment that's ably supported by a determined rhythm section and main man Phanaeus's bear-growl vocals. As the song progresses it takes on a doom-laden Black Metal feel, before a well-timed breakdown brings it to a blood-spattered climax.

'Unveiling The Night's Curtain' though ramps up the darkness and is shameless Black Metal all the way. It's a bleak reminder that almost every Viking Saga ends in death and 'The Summoning' shares its grim world view. They're still overflowing with testosterone but it becomes apparent here that VINTERBLOT have listened to the odd DARKTHRONE album in their time. 'Vagrant Spirits in Misty Rainfall' is an ominous mix of head-banging fury and melancholy guitar torture, while '...Of Woods And Omen' is a nice instrumental breather. Appropriately enough it's followed by 'Stone Carved Silence,' which is both the shortest and fastest track on offer, rampaging through three minutes of Thrashed-Up Death Metal with all the fire of a hungry young band determined to start a mosh pit. The rabid enthusiasm is offset nicely by the slow, apocalyptic thunder of 'Throne of Snakes' and the lengthy 'Triumph Recalls My Name,' a dense and unforgiving number that closes the album.

An entertaining if rather short slab of Death Metal then, 'Realms of The Untold' is an impressive sophomore effort from this Italian five piece. Extreme Metal purists will admire the distinct lack of choruses, not to mention the dark and foreboding atmosphere which is etched into every note. The Vikings weren't all heroic adventurers after all and going on a rape and murder tour through Europe wasn't exactly pleasant for everyone involved. They might get a bit too similar to their heroes now and then, but this is well worth investing in.


7 / 10









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"Realms of the Untold" Track-listing:

1. Evoked By Light
2. Frostbitten
3. Unveiling the Night's Curtain
4. The Summoning
5. Vagrant Spirits in Misty Rainfall
6...Of Woods and Omen
7. Stone Carved Silence
8. Throne of Snakes

Vinterblot Lineup:

Eruner - Bass
Wolf - Drums
Vandrer - Guitars
Phanaeus - Vocals
Auros - Guitars

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