Put Your Hands Ip

Vick LeCar

“Put Your Hands Up” is a five track EP and follow up to Vick LeCar's […]
April 18, 2024

Put Your Hands Up” is a five track EP and follow up to Vick LeCar's highly acclaimed 2022 album “Gallus Rex” which received some great reviews from critics and music fans alike when it was released. This time around Vick has teamed up with some highly experienced musicians from New Orleans R Williams on vocals, Colin Provensal on bass and keyboards with the line up completed with Gonzalo Bereciartua on drums. Vick LeCar has been involved with several bands of the years including Blazed Fury, Vikron and Foxxie ,also some previous solo material and session work. Vick's influences include legends like Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and Jimmy Page.

“Put Your Hands Up” starts this much anticipated EP off with a bang. It's a hard hitting rocker with a great chorus and gang bang backing vocals vocals. Its the kind of song to play loud on your stereo in the car while picking up some speed on the motorway, a high octane, adrenaline fuelled rocker. ”Don't Die Young” brings the tempo down from the first track with a nice bluesy melody a mellow chilled out track with some nice smoky vocals from R Williams ,nice up beat chorus, sounds very fresh soulful how the guitar and keyboard chords fuse together. ”Learn To Fly” shows those influences its bluesy, guitar driven with the organ riffs that the Seventies classic rock brought us nice vocals and harmonies a stand out track without a doubt catches those influences of Vick LeCar's perfectly. ”Running Through Changes” stays in the same sort of classic rock influence which for me reminds me of the great Thin Lizzy the bass groove very prominent in places with the guitar chords chugging along then in with the solo .

"Alone In The Dark” has some superb guitar melodies its another bluesy, moody track the vocals are perfectly delivered catch the mood of the track. It just reminds me very much of the great late Gary Moore, It gave me goose bumps the best track on the EP for me. Vick LeCar has delivered a great five track EP with “Put Your Hands Up”. The musicians he has created this EP with shine through with experience. The production, recording and also the delivery are top notch stuff. It left me wanting a more its a shame it is not a full length album.

8 / 10









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"Put Your Hands Ip" Track-listing:

1. Put Your Hands Up

2. Don't Die Young

3. Learning To Fly

4. Running Through Changes

5. Worlds Away

Vick LeCar Lineup:

Vick LeCar - Guitar

R Williams – Vocals

Colin Provensal – Bass and Keyboards

Gonzalo Bereciartua – Drums

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