Pick Up This Sick Child

Vicious Art

If you take a look at the lineup of this band you can see a […]
By Yiannis Doukas
May 9, 2008
Vicious Art - Pick Up This Sick Child album cover

If you take a look at the lineup of this band you can see a well-known person behind the bass. Jorgen was  the bass player and main vocalist in the first three albums of GRAVE, three albums that can easily be placed in the Top Ten of Swedish Death Metal, at least one of them. Except this, he was in ENTOMBED for several years plus the Doom project of KRUX. The band started in 2002 with Matti and Jorgen (both of them past members of DARK FUNERAL) and after a while their old friend from OBSCURITY (not the Malmo-based mighty horde) Jocke together with Tobbe entered. In the beginning Jocke was behind vocals and bass but after Jorgen's intro he decided to focus on vocals.
Mainly into what we call Swedish Death Metal (the old way), VICIOUS ART released their debut full length in 2004, named Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters via Threeman Recordings. During summer 2007 they entered Off Beat Studio in Stockholm for the recordings of the next one, after the contract with Mighty Music, with the mastering help of Jacob Hansen.
The music follows high speed patterns with blasts that can be immediately realized in the first track Tombstone Grind, one of the best tunes of this album. Pauline Paw Paintings reminds me of WITCHERY and - although it's good - its awful refrain leaves me with complex feelings. Our Family Flesh is close to bands like NECROPHOBIC 'cause of the riffing. A good song, like the first, with a nice mid-tempo bridge. One other band that can be next to them is VOMITORY's brutality, (Murderer) and you can recognize a CANNIBAL CORPSE's Bleeding-era riff in We're Both Into Killing Me.
Unfortunately Dancing Munhhausen, And Bent Down For Years and Chain Hooks Falling are not that good, the first two look like fillers but the last one has a melancholic strange breath inside, together with a SLAYER rip-off riff and a wrap-up like ENTOMBED's Crawl ending. Generally, their album has some nice elements but the songs are not reaching a level of satisfaction that I needed. It's one of these CD that you buy if you find them in a special offer price but probably you'll not hear them for more than ten times.


6 / 10

Had Potential

"Pick Up This Sick Child" Track-listing:

Tombstone Grind
The Paulina Paw Paintings
Our Family Flesh
We're Both Into Killing Me
Chewing Gunpowder
Evicting Dead Tenants
Dancing Munchhausen
And Bent Down For Years
Chain Hooks Falling
The Topmost Violent God

Vicious Art Lineup:

Jocke Widfeldt - Vocals
Tobbe Sillman - Guitar, Vocals
Matti Makela - Guitar
Robert Lundin - Drums
Jorgen Sandstrom - Bass, Vocals

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