Verjnuarmu Ruatokansan

I read somewhere that the most noticeable thing distinguishing this band from others is the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 8, 2008
Verjnuarmu Ruatokansan - Uamunkoetto album cover

I read somewhere that the most noticeable thing distinguishing this band from others is the use of Savo (a dialect spoken in eastern Finland) in their lyrics, which is why they are often labelled as Savo Metal. The funny thing is that this is the only thing that distinguishes the band from many other bands in the Metal scene...

The Finnish act was formed in 2001 and released three demo CD's until 2004, when they released a single CD through Universal Music. They debuted with their 2006 full-length album through Mercury/Universal. One more single CD was issued there and the band signed a new contract with the Finnish label Dynamic Arts Records for the release of their sophomore effort.

The band's music is a melodic kind of Death Metal with many influences from the Finnish Heavy Metal scene. They have many fast moments with double bass attacks and shredding guitars, as well as more melodic sing along choruses, but they have nothing that could make me give them some extra attention. They didn't even pay the required attention to their sound, since such kind of music needs a heavier and cleaner production.

I don't know, but these guys don't seem so different from many bands out there, or at least they don't have this 'something' that could earn your attention. They even feature some ENSIFERUM meets KORPIKLAANI tunes with melodic guitar leads and extreme vocals that made realize something. Why does everyone think that when a song features Finnish vocals instantly becomes Folk Metal?

5 / 10


"Uamunkoetto" Track-listing:

Tulesta Pimmeyven
Kuu Paestaa, Kuollu Ajjaa
Mustan Virran Silta
Luita Ja Hampaeta
Surmatun Sakkeet
Kuhtumattomat Vieraat
Kirkkomuan Kansoo

Verjnuarmu Ruatokansan Lineup:

Puijon Perkele - Vocals
Savon Surma - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Viitakemies - Guitar
Woema - Bass
Musta Savo - Drums, Backing Vocals

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