Promo 2005 - DEMO

Verdict Denied

Another Greek band. What do we have here? A Bay Area Thrash style band that […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 4, 2006
Verdict Denied - Promo 2005 - DEMO album cover

Another Greek band. What do we have here? A Bay Area Thrash style band that seems to be missing the 80's a lot. Can anyone accuse them? I don't think so... Progress isn't what makes a good band. Sometimes it's better to stick to what you believe, as these guys do...
Verdict Denied was founded in the mid 90's as Verdict. They started rehearsing covers and some original material. Their original lineup contained Airged L'Amh's Steve Venardo. After an inactive period, the band reunited with Billy taking on the vocals and changing their style from Power/Thrash Metal to Bay Area Thrash.
This promo CD consists of 3 songs full of classic Thrash. Catchy riffs, explosive drumming, incredible bass lines and screaming vocals. That's what it's all about! The backing vocals are great! It's like listening to the fans of a soccer team! They seem to be very inspired by bands like Vio-Lence, Forbidden and Testament. Twisted And Menacing My Stare is the first track of the promo that welcomes the listener. It takes him to a trip through time and space to visit the 80's. Ahhh, memories!!! It's what a thrasher could ask for. A pure Thrash attack! Battle Within starts with Jim's war drums tearing the place down. The last song, The Last Act is the track that made me sing the lyrics along with Billy. In general, I like the work that this band has done.
So, we're talking about a band that seems to have the balls to produce something that will surely break some bones. I am looking forward to a full-length release. Good luck, guys!!!

"Promo 2005 - DEMO" Track-listing:

Twisted And Menacing My Stare
Battle Within
The Last Act

Verdict Denied Lineup:

Billy Coumreau - Guitar & Vocals
Cozzy Pap - Guitar
Gus Basher - Bass
Jim Rouvell - Drums

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