Elements Of Power


It's always interesting reviewing a band for the first time and trying to guess what […]
By Oli Gonzalez
January 25, 2022
Veonity - Elements Of Power album cover

It's always interesting reviewing a band for the first time and trying to guess what genre they are, based purely on the bands name and some song titles. To me, VEONITY just screams of power metal! After visiting their website (which is always a huge statement of intent from a band to have one), my assumptions were confirmed. The Swedish metallers describe themselves as a power metal band who play 'energetic guitar driven music' with 'powerful choruses'. They've also listed some huge names they've supported, including DRAGONFORCE. After listening to the first song on "Elements of Power", I think this is a very accurate description.

The opening guitar riffs to "Beyond The Realm of Reality" are certainly the most salient feature. Definitely guitar driven too! I also hear a clever use of synths in the background, given it that symphonic power metal feel. Anders shows off his vocal range on this song as well as on "The Surge". Whether it's a lower harsher tone or more soaring highs, he certainly has variety. Whereas the first two songs were faster and more frantic in pace, things slow right down in "Altar Of Power". There's definitely a groovier, rhythmic feel to the song. The use of synths is definitely more prominent in this song. So far, "Elements of Power" is definitely my favourite! That opening orchestral string riff gives the song an epic fantasy feel, and when the soaring guitar lead kicks in...wow! More of that please! That's a thing of pure delight! The pace is slowed down again during "Gargoyles Of Black Steel". This is a much more drum and bass heavy song, with the guitars taking a tactical absence for periods during the verses to let the rhythm section shine. The chorus is also very catchy and easy for casual listeners to sing along to. This would translate very well to a live setting.

Throughout the album, I've heard all the things I love about power metal. The soaring leads, the synths, guitar heavy compositions and the primal energy and pace associated with the genre. Sadly though, I did wonder if things were starting to become slightly repetitive during "Dive Into The Light", and "Facing The Water". Although both are solid enjoyable songs in their own rights. In terms of storytelling, "Blood Of The Beast". I wondered if it was an instrumental as the vocals only kick in shortly after the 1 minute mark. But Anders recalls the tale of an epic battle between man and beast, ultimately with the former reigning victorious. I did wonder if this was the tale of Thor fighting Jormungandr, but I'll have to do some Googling later to try and find out. That shows that I'm clearly invested into their music, so they've clearly done their job!

"Curse Of The Barren Plains" wanders off into the land of progressive metal with some very interesting synth and guitar solos at the mid point! This definitely shows off some technical and composition skills. The album rounds off with "Return To The Land Of Light". Whilst this song is aesthetic and enjoyable in its own right, sadly I do think it's similar to a lot of the other songs on the album and perhaps similar to a lot of other power metal bands out there. Overall, this is a fantastic effort for the band and delivers what it promises. Production wise, it's hard to think of many criticisms. Maybe the synths are just slightly too high in the mix at times, but aside from that they've clearly gone to town on this! "Elements of Power" is a strong representation for the band and for the power metal genre. There's some very admirable musicianship. I can see this album having appeal to many casual listeners too. At times however, I think it maybe is too similar to a lot of other power metal sounding albums and isn't separating itself from them. That being said, I'm definitely going to do a deep dive into their back catalogue! Result!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Elements Of Power" Track-listing:

1. Beyond The Realm of Reality
2. The Surge
3. Altar Of Power
4. Elements Of Power
5. Gargoyles Of Black Steel
6. Dive Into The Light
7. Facing The Water
8. Blood Of The Beast
9. Curse Of The Barren Plains
10. Return To The Land Of Light

Veonity Lineup:

Kristoffer Lidre - Bass
Joel Kollberg - Drums
Anders Skold - Vocals and Guitar
Samuel Lundstrom - Lead Guitar

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