Rockabilly Tribute To The Hellacopters

Various Artists

In the middle of the 90s, and - to be more specific - in 1994, […]
By Maria Kallinikou
September 26, 2010
Various Artists - Rockabilly Tribute To The Hellacopters album cover

In the middle of the 90s, and - to be more specific - in 1994, Nicke Anderson was bored from playing only in ENTOMBED and formed HELLACOPTERS together with Dregen, Kenny Hakansson and Robert Eriksson. Their debut album, "Supershitty To The Max" (1996) won the Swedish Grammy Awards and gave the band the boost needed.

First time I became a listener of that band was back in 2004 when they released the "Cream Of The Crap" compilation. HELLACOPTERS, for those who don't know, are into garage Rock retro style we could say. In Scandinavia the band is enjoying more popularity than in the rest of Europe. Because of that I was mostly surprised when this tribute CD fell in my hands, for the simple reason that there are lots of other bands more widely known than HELLACOPTERS that still do not have a tribute release.

The bands which participate in this release should have been retro Rock, bluesy, western sound fans, because there are not major changes in the tracks. The whole CD is wrapped with the Rock sound and in cases such as this one it is better to listen to the original ones as there are no tremendous changes at all, unless if you belong to the really curious ones. Furthermore, if you are interested in knowing this band, it is better to invest in the "Cream Of Crap" 'best of'.

"Rockabilly Tribute To The Hellacopters" Track-listing:
  1. Gotta Get Some Action (by CAMTWISTERS)
  2. 24h Hell (by RAGGED BONES)
  3. No Song Unheard (by EYEBALLIN TORPEDOES)
  4. Riot On The Rocks (by ASTROLITES)
  5. No Ones Gonna Do It For You (by THE ABSINTS)
  6. No Angel To Lay Me Away (by THE HIGH-JACKS)
  7. By The Grace Of God (by THE JUKEBOX)
  8. It Might Mean (by EYEBALLIN TORPEDOES)
  9. Carry Me Home (by TOMMY LOVE)
  10. Everythin's On TV (by HELLBILLY BOYS)
  11. Before The Fall (by THE ROCKABILLIANS)
  12. Freeway To Hell (by THE KNOCKOUTS)
  13. Toys & Flavours (by ROBBANS ROCKABILLY CIRCUS)
Various Artists Lineup:


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