Mascot Records Guitar Centre Vol. 1

Various Artists

If the words vibrato, tapping, legato, arpeggios, sound unfamiliar to you then we must inform […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 20, 2004
Various Artists - Mascot Records Guitar Centre Vol. 1 album cover

If the words vibrato, tapping, legato, arpeggios, sound unfamiliar to you then we must inform you that the gardening sites are million bytes away! In fact this cool collection mostly addresses to guitar lovers rather than normal human beings! It is well known for billion of years that guitarists form a very special class of human beings very far away from reality and its rules! And this is what makes this compilation unique! The fact that it refers to unique people! Of course this doesn't mean that a normal person can't listen to this but mostly six string masturbators will have a fine time by digging into these tunes!
Dave Mustaine once said: Marty Friedman can make sounds even out of a comb. Ha, if you like Marty and stuff like his, throw away your brush and your hair rollers because only these guys can do such miracles! Enjoy! Now let's focus on each of the tracks independently (and, in no particular order):
Marty Friedman: Hey Marty don't ya think that it's high time you solve your differences with General Dave Mustaine and come back to the renewed Megadeth? Apart from this rhetorical question this track leads us back to his Scenes (1992) days, full of emotional phrases, excellent guitar leads and song that will remain in your ears even after you press the OFF button in your Hi-Fi Device! This music also matches finely with a glass of red wine and a rainy day! Ha!
Paul Gilbert: Whoa! J.S.Bach (Not Joe Satriani Bach!) must be very proud of this small classical gem! Fluent Gilbert-ian playing, very diverse from his previous guitar shred work with a fine classical approach!
Joe Louis Walker: Oh boy can I have a refill of this fine Louisiana Bourbon? This mega blues track will lead you back to the cotton and corn cultivation in Mississippi where it all began! Relax and enjoy with a glass of fine bourbon! Maybe you can also use the bottle as a slide to play along with this tune!
Neil Zaza: Excellent approach from an underestimated master of his class! Up tempo groove, reminds of Satriani works but passed through a Zaza-lian personal filter! Sounds good while driving your car!
George Lynch: Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan must be very proud of you son! The cover of All Along The Watchtower works very nice for you and your band Scary Man! By carefully spraying this masterpiece with ozone friendly - bad guitar hostile Lynch phrases, he renovates this song to a new high plateau. By the way also very nice haircut George! You won't need so much spray with this one as in the past!
Michael Schenker: Yeah! Michael nice choice for your cover song! It was known far long ago that you've got the guitar fire but now you prove it by covering Montrose's I 've Got The Fire. Heavy distorted sounds flowing from your speaker from a true venomous scorpionoid rock' n roller!
John 5: Dude are those lips real? Ha! When you first hear this track you think that he plays everything through a vacuum cleaner! But later when he starts to shred really you know why Rob Halford and Dave Lee Roth trust him!
Steve Fister: Hey tell us where you're hiding Robert! The vocal lines of this guy resemble Led Zeps frontman worthily! Apart from this, we have a cool blues track with nice key alterations!
Greg Koch: Blues -Jazzy Improvisations for cool night conversations with someone intimate! Ho! Hey did you know that the scientist who discovered tuberculosis has the same surname with this virtuoso challenger!
Steve Morse: Aaaaaaah! At last, some time to relax! No one can deny the impact of Steve's previous work into the guitar planet system! This piece of music doesn't seem so Purple but it surely is Deep in emotions! Mostly layers of acoustic guitars over a major almost whistlable melody! Very interesting guitar lines indeed!
Vital Information: Here's some vital information about this band! Australian guitar virtuoso (apart from the Young Brothers of course!) Frank Gambale participates in this band and therefore colours the band's identity with his unique blues/jazz improvisation! Cool bass lines too!
Jeff Richman/Greg Howe: Guitar titan Greg Howe unites his forces with Jeff Richman (not Hanneman, of course!) and plays certain free jazz (mostly improvisations) quite difficult for the untrained ear but very delicate and pleasant for their dedicated followers!
Joe Bonamassa: What a dynamic surname man! Well what we have here is Skynyrd-ian - ZZ Top-ian Blues type hard rock with tones of slides and cheerful mood! But I think that my head is still in Mississipi...
Jing Chi: Jing Chi like Fengh Sui? Apart from this unclever joke what we get to listen here with the aid of the colossal alternative ' I don't play only Blues but also Dorian scales ' bluesman Robben Ford, is catchy bluesy rock music which lacks of a certain musical melody, but flows very easily from your speakers!
Racer X: Imagine a mixture of Mr.Big, Judas Priest and 1000 litres of vodka! What do you get? Racer X of course! Heavy metal the Racer X way accompanies you in a very powerful mode! Paul Gilbert plays his socks here in a very ultra-tornado-speed way! Hey don't listen to this while the sound Police is near or else you will get a noise transgression fine!
- Rating: 9/10 (If you think Jimi Hendrix is a guitar God !), 6/10 (If you think Jimi Hendrix is a famous grocery man!)
(Thanks to: Panos Rifflus Guitarigerus)

"Mascot Records Guitar Centre Vol. 1" Track-listing:

John 5 - Nedles Ca
Steve Morse - Wooden Music
Marty Friedman - Lust For Life
Neil Zaza - Lift
Michael Schenker - I've Got The Fire
George Lynch - All Along The Watchtower
Paul Gilbert - G.V.R.O.
Greg Koch - The Damn Thing
Jing Chi (feat. Robben Ford) - Colonel Panic
Jeff Richman/Greg Howe - Gient Steps
Vital Information (feat. Frank Gambale) - Come On In
Joe Bonamassa - Travellin' South
Joe Louis Walker - Ain't That Cold
Steve Fister - Foolin' Me
Racer X - Superheroes

Various Artists Lineup:


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