A Tribute To Death

Various Artists

Today I have a compilation album that is a tribute to the band DEATH. There […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
June 14, 2019
Various Artists - A Tribute To Death album cover

Today I have a compilation album that is a tribute to the band DEATH. There are nineteen bands in all that have covered a DEATH song. This album was put together by Antichrist Magazine. Since there are so many to choose from I am going to pick out my favorites.

The first song "Legion of Doom" played by SICHGART is really on point and keeps true to the original. I really enjoyed this cover a lot. I also found that the song "Mutilation" played by BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS was absolutely phenomenal. Another one that was incredible was HATEFUL AGONY covering the song "Infernal Death". I was really weary going into that cover because it's one of my favorite DEATH songs.

Another song I was scared was going to be ruined "Born Dead" was actually done pretty well by RAT KING. Kudos to you guys for doing a really damn good job on it. "Pull the Plug" covered by WOLFTRIBE is incredible and by far one of the best covers on the album. I think my number one favorite cover is "Spiritual Healing" played by BODY HARVEST. I think DEATH would be extremely happy with this one. The same goes for the cover of "Within the Mind" played by INJECTOR. That cover was mind blowing.

NETHERTALE did an absolutely incredible cover of "Lack of Comprehension" This is another of my top favorites off the album. "Suicide Machine" covered by REJECT THE SICKNESS blew me away. They sounded spot on to DEATH and it made me really happy to hear. SAVAGEZ cover of "The Philosopher" was a stunning re imagining of the song. THE FATHER OF SERPENTS also had one of my favorite songs "Empty Words" and they did it beautifully. This cover is top three for sure. The last one I really want to bring up is FROSTHELM's cover of "Spirit Crusher" because the did a great job on it. Most of the bands did a great job on their songs but I will leave it up to you all to decide which are the best.

7 / 10









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"A Tribute To Death" Track-listing:

1. Sichgart - Legion of Doom
2. Basement Torture Killings - Mutilation
3. Abruptus - Land of no return
4.Aetranok - Leprosy
5. Hateful Agony - Infernal Death
6. Rat King - Born Dead
7. Beltane - Left to Die
8. Wolftribe - Pull The Plug
9. Body Harvest - Spiritual Healing
10. Injector - Within The Mind
11. Offal - Defensive Personalities
12. Nethertale - Lack of Comprehension
13. Reject The Sickness - Suicide Machine
14. SavageZ - The Philosopher
15. Torment Tool - 1000 Eyes
16. The Father of Serpents - Empty Words
17. Frosthelm - Spirit Crusher
18. Searching For Reason - Voice of the Soul
19. Unto The Wolves - Story to Tell

Various Artists Lineup:


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