A Millenium Tribute To Diamond David Lee Roth

Various Artists

The famous rock magazine Rolling Stone (apart from Metal Temple of course) once declared Dave […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
July 10, 2006
Various Artists - A Millenium Tribute To Diamond David Lee Roth album cover

The famous rock magazine Rolling Stone (apart from Metal Temple of course) once declared Dave Lee Roth was the heart and soul of Van Halen and the majority of the band's fans would agree with that. From 1977 and so on, David Lee Roth defined the image of the quintessential Hard Rock frontman, by virtually creating the model after which many would follow in one way or another.
In this compilation you will find songs that cover Dave's solo career plus of course a cream of his platinum Van Halen years. There are really so many famous artists who participate here. To name a few, what you have've got here amongst others are current or past members from Aerosmith, Lillian Axe, Poison, Dokken, Riot, TNT and many more! Some of the songs in this compilation have also made their appearance in the Satriani / Vai tribute album too.
Musically speaking, what you'll find here is a really great collection of your favorite covers on David Lee Roth, carved with passion, fun and personal identity in most cases. Speaking about personal identity, it is really hard sometimes to give a new character of element to the already perfect initial tracks. In other words, how much better can you play or cover Ain't Talking 'Bout Love  or Panama?
Of course any new artistic proposition is always welcome and if you see or listen to this album through this perspective then you will find new interesting additions into Dave's glorious sonic past. New solos or vocal lines are thrown in here and there and make this artistic experiment very interesting. The CD actually flows very easily from the speakers of your audio system and it is a very nice companion and interesting reminder of Dave's work and artistic offer to the Rock n' Roll community all these years. Fans of the mighty guitar titan Steve Vai will also appreciate this CD since it contains many of his compositions inside it.
- Album Highlights: Just Like Paradise, Panama, Tobacco Road, Yankee Rose and Goin' Crazy.

7 / 10


"A Millenium Tribute To Diamond David Lee Roth" Track-listing:

Just Like Paradise
Dance The Night Away
Tobacco Road
Yankee Rose
Hot For Teacher
Shy Boy
Just A Gigaloo
Take Your Whiskey Home
And The Cradle Will Rock
Goin' Crazy
Ain't Talking 'Bout Love

Various Artists Lineup:


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