Rage Of The Gods


Kansas City based group VANLADE has released their second full length album in September of […]
By Calen Nesten
February 22, 2016
Vanlade - Rage Of The Gods album cover

Kansas City based group VANLADE has released their second full length album in September of 2015. Their newest undertaking is "Rage Of The Gods" and it's an hour (pretty much on the dot) of pure Metal enjoyment.

The first track has an intro featuring strange animal sounds, reminding you of a rainforest setting. The intro ties into the album's epic artwork featuring an exploding volcano, guitar wielding neanderthal (somehow they had electric guitars then) and an epic battle between prehistoric beasts that resemble characters from the Rage videogame franchise.

There seems to be a story happening throughout the album. Standard Epic Metal fantasy. Something written out by guys who have read way to much Heavy Metal magazine, and spending countless hours rolling 20-sided dice. And in no way am I throwing stones.

Taking pages from classic Metal genres, particularly NWOBHM and Epic Metal the album has all the feel of a classic 70's and 80's act, but with the technical skill and production of modern Metal. "Rage Of The Gods" sounds like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST set out to create a super-group, no exaggeration, the entire band is amazing. Vocalist Brett Blackout has amazing range, and the guitar riffs are catchy, unique and hard to get out of your head. The only problem I have with the album is the cover-art. Where the fuck does a prehistoric person get hold of an electric, flying V guitar? Geeze, VANLADE, it's like you didn't even do your research; but I digress.

"Rage Of The Gods" is a beautiful album that captures the classic Metal genres and eras perfectly while delivering that sound in a way that is completely modern and unique. "Rage Of The Gods" is a great album for Metal veterans to share with newbies to the genre, sort of a gateway drug, if you will. So inject it straight into your ears! This album is an instant classic.

10 / 10


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"Rage Of The Gods" Track-listing:

1. Rage Of The Gods
2. Frozen For All Time
3. Jaws Of Life
4. Hail The Protector
5. Hellrazor
6. Moonbound
7. Aeons Of Madness
8. Acid Reign
9. Carnicidal
10. As Above, So Below

Vanlade Lineup:

Brett "Blackout" Scott - Vocals
Zach Vanlade - Guitar, Vocals
Vinnie Lee Camarillo - Guitar
Nikky Skorcher - Bass
Cody Campbell - Drums

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