Der Schatten einer Existenz


And Austria gave birth to...Vanitas!!! Dark-Gothic metal of the outmost brilliance with  elements of baroque […]
By Chris Manouras
March 21, 2002
Vanitas - Der Schatten einer Existenz album cover

And Austria gave birth to...Vanitas!!! Dark-Gothic metal of the outmost brilliance with  elements of baroque characterizes Vanitas' second official release Der Schatten einer Existenz, an album that could be envied by bands as Haggard and Theater Of Tragedy.

Extremely melodic, with exceptional guitars and keyboards, Vanitas manage to form an atmosphere of mystery, melancholic emotions and gothic romance.

Actually the entrenched feelings are contradicted: Melancholy and gloominess of keyboards come to contrast with the enchanting female vocals and the fairy tale environment sometimes created by a more blissful mood.

The aggressive guitars and the forceful bass make a superb combination   with the classical, baroque instruments of viola, cello and flute that add a unique scent of another age.

The growling male vocals remind me something of Crematory in some parts and give the album a black-death metal component along with the furious guitars.

The fact that the lyrics are in German intensifies the aggressiveness of the album, but also harmonizes with the dark, melancholic mood existing in the songs, even though  those that know not German  would be displeased.

In my opinion the most representative songs, that reveal the temperament of the album, are 6,7 and 8(just listen to the guitar riffs, really electrifying!!!).

As a final point I must add that the production is sublime, something that is reflected on the high quality sound.

Every fan of  the atmospheric black-gothic metal would unquestionably treasure this album. Everyone else, just check it out. You won't be disappointed!

8 / 10


"Der Schatten einer Existenz" Track-listing:

Heiliger Schein
Atem Toene Fluestern Schreien
Schliesze mir die Augen
Vor den Worten
Das Wort sieht Blicke
Wenn Schritte veraendern

Vanitas Lineup:

Andreas Schärfinger - Vocals, Guitar
Johannes Kickinger - Keyboards
Günter Kickinger - Guitar
Manuel Simoner - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Markus Rechberger - Drums
Maria Dorn - Vocals, Flute

Guest Musicians:
Matjaz Zizek - Violine
Joachim Brandl - Viola
Endre Kertesz - Cello

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