Heavy Dreamer

Vanishing Kids

Coming from Madison, WI. VANISHING KIDS present "Heavy Dreamer", their big label debut on Svart […]
By Dave Nowels
November 12, 2018
Vanishing Kids - Heavy Dreamer album cover

Coming from Madison, WI. VANISHING KIDS present "Heavy Dreamer", their big label debut on Svart Records. With a self described, perfectly fitting label of 'Metal/Heavy Psych/Acid Rock/Dream Goth' the band presents a eerie, haunting album of music that transcends labels. Think HAWKWIND and BLUE CHEER having a child, yet letting VOVOID and MY BLOODY VALENTINE get a hold of it during the formative years. At least, that's how I envision the music presented on "Heavy Dreamer".

Opening with "Creation", the band utilizes the sound of waves and light guitar strumming to create a false serenity. This calm swells into a fuzz laden groove complemented by the velvet like seductive vocals of Nikki Drohomyreky. The aptly titled "Heavy Dreamer" follows while reminiscent of WINDHAND, VANISHING KIDS maintains a sense of originality. Not content to rely on repetitive heavy riffs, Jason Hartman rather approaches the guitar playing like a guide ever searching and adapting throughout this dream like realm. Dreamlike realm is exactly what this album represents. Ever changing directions, themes and consciousness. "Without a Sun" and "Mockingbird" both exhibit elements of nightmare and beauty. An exceptional heaviness and a lucid soothing; a sensory awareness and a desire just out of reach.

"Eyes Of Secrets" uses layer upon layer to wrap the listener in a cosmic security blanket while creating a scene of star filled eyes rivaling those in the evening sky. There's danger here, lurking just below the surface, yet somehow it's repelled in the end. "Reaper" might be the heaviest song represented here, and still it maintains a ragged beauty somehow. A frantic theme grows throughout, before slowly being re-contained. "Rainbows" appears like the dream everyone wants to join, but remains just unattainable. Hints of enigma reside here, yet the band seems to be displaying it's last reluctance at dispensing the secrets of the universe. "Magnetic Magenta Blue" brings everything together to a concise forgone conclusion, that melds the subconscious of the listener with that of the band.
What VANISHING KIDS have done here is creative and original. It grows and evolves with each subsequent listen, and is indeed like a reoccurring dream that reveals a new clue each time it visits. It delves into the dense fog of conscious thought and realization like an expertly wielded scalpel. Once it cuts into you, you may never be the same.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Heavy Dreamer" Track-listing:

1. Creation
2. Heavy Dreamer
3. Without A Sun
4. Mockingbird
5. Eyes of Secrets
6. Reaper
7. Rainbows
8. Magnetic Magenta Blue

Vanishing Kids Lineup:

Nikki Drohomyreky - Vocals, Organ, Synths, Percussion
Jason Hartman - Guitar
Jerry Sofran - Bass
Hart Allan Miller - Drums

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