This is band whose name is meant to sound 80's, in my opinion anyways: My […]
By Jonathan Maphet
September 15, 2010
Vanderbuyst - Vanderbuyst album cover

This is band whose name is meant to sound 80's, in my opinion anyways: My examples being VAN HALEN, VANDENBERG etc. Do you see what I mean? They do succeed in sounding like an 80's hair Metal band. Yes, you may need to get out the hair spray and spandex. The album is short. It may even be an EP. The longest song is a live cover of "Rock Bottom". Other than that, it is too short to sell for full price. They have a song about the infamous underage porn star Traci Lords. It is uninspired to say the least. It doesn't sound like they put much effort into this song. It seems to me like they read an article about her and then decided to write a song about it, and that is all you get. They do have one good quality, and that is a couple of sensational solos. "Too Last Forever" is a great song with a very good solo. I have to give them that. The guitarist can shred like mad. It may not fit the music, but it makes a point, "We can play", that they can do, the rest? Well, not too much more. When I review a band I always try to look at the upside. In this case the upsides lie in the fact that it is classic 80's metal as it says it is, but it is also quite pedestrian too.

They do a good job on "Rock Bottom", the classic song from U.F.O. It is said to be a "live" track, but there is no crowd. It was recorded in their words "live in studio". I take that to mean they did it in one take with no overdubs. I can see that, but it isn't terribly obvious. It may or may not be touched up, only they know. In the middle of this song is a nice drum solo that sounds exactly like Eric Carr, my all time favorite drummer. You can't do any better than that! If you buy this album, you get exactly what they claim it to be. You may feel shorted in terms of minutes played, but if you know that going in, you should judge it accordingly when looking at the price tag.

Overall I feel they achieved what they set out to do and nothing more. The production is vintage 80's. The singer has talent. You will probably find no fault with the vocals. Before you spend your money on it, check out their MySpace page. All of these factors add up to the following rating.

"Vanderbuyst" Track-listing:
  1. To Last Forever
  2. Tiger
  3. New Orleans
  4. Traci Lords
  5. Stealing Your Thunder
  6. Rock Bottom
  7. From Pillar To Post
Vanderbuyst Lineup:

Jochem Jonkman - Lead Vocals, Bass
Barry Van Esbroek - Drums
Willem Verbuyst - Guitar, Backing Vocals

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