Well, this is definitely different than everything I usually listen to. The Japanese duo VAMPS's […]
By Omnius D'Worgen
May 15, 2015
Vamps - Bloodsuckers album cover

Well, this is definitely different than everything I usually listen to. The Japanese duo VAMPS's fourth release, "Bloodsuckers" is, to me, a classical example of what I'd call pop-rock. Wielding elements of hard-rock and pop music, along with very prominent influences of synth and electronic, this 2014 record is pretty straightforward when it comes to music - you have your rocky "hey guys let's party" songs, your soft ballads, and a few harder tunes as well, and all of them are pretty well-made... but to me, there's nothing to distinguish them from any other record in the genre.

Okay, let's go over the classical elements... Guitar work is nice, well-done and pretty melodic. It even gets decently heavy when needed. Vocals are very melodic and very pop-like - high pitched in a very driving at the stronger parts, low and mournful in the ballads. The rhythm section hasn't done anything to make me notice it in any way. The only aspects of the album I found really interesting was the use of synth - usually a deal-breaker for me, in this here record some of the synth and piano intervals was spot-on and very well done, spicing up parts that would have otherwise been boring, or adding emotion to otherwise soulless parts. In fact, that is the only part in this record I would keep exactly as it is in future releases.

Now, as for production... The production is perfect, in a bad way. Every single part of it is in perfect pitch (rather obviously auto-tuned at some points), every drum-beat exactly the same and perfectly-timed. For my money, though, this record just doesn't cut it. Too produced, too much mainstream stuff and way too much studio wizardry to make the songs ring true to my ears. I suppose if you like the genre you'll probably enjoy them somewhat - but I haven't found anything to make these guys stand out in the sea of other bands with exactly the same sound.

5 / 10


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"Bloodsuckers" Track-listing:

1. Reincarnation
2. Zero
3. Lips
4. Ahead
5. Evil
6. Ghost
7. Vampire's Love
8. Damned
9. Get Away
10. Replay
11. Bloodsuckers
12. The Jolly Rodger
13. Inside Myself

Vamps Lineup:

Hyde - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
K.A.Z - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

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