I have no idea where ideas come from, I really don't. What sort of force […]
By Keith "Zirra" Ham
March 5, 2014
Vampire - Vampire album cover

I have no idea where ideas come from, I really don't. What sort of force drives someone to pick up a guitar or bass or drums and create something original as opposed to the overwhelming popularity of obscure cover songs (where is my Metal cover of PINK FLOYD's "Run Like Hell")? Better yet, what inspires someone to just invent the obvious band title of VAMPIRE? Why hasn't it been done before? Too many questions, I suppose. However, this all began with my complete bafflement when it came to hearing of this Swedish Death Metal band (sort of Blackened Death Metal in a way). Where have these guys been and who are they? Nobody knows - but man, am I glad that they've come about to add some energy to a wavering Death Metal scene.

Now 2014 has been fantastic for titles from big and known bands like BEHEMOTH but when it's come to newer stuff, things have been a little bit questionable. Somehow, VAMPIRE brings this vague promise that somehow everything is about to pick up - even their Facebook claims they are dedicated to 'the cause' when it comes to same-old sounding bands. These Swedes really want to blow the door off of today's Metal scene - and they do. There is just so much energy and creativity surrounding their music that even when it comes to somewhat campy tracks like "Cellar Grave Vampire" I find myself completely immersed. The most insane part is that I don't think VAMPIRE does anything particularly new musically but somehow makes everything their own with the exact proper pairing of sound and vocals (and, my god, frontman HAND OF DOOM has some of the best vocals in extreme Metal). Personal favorite tracks of mine are "Cellar Grave Vampire", "Orexis", and "Under the Grudge" but really, that's just picking the best out of a handful of the absolute best.

VAMPIRE are the absolute, undoubtedly, best so far this year when it comes to Death Metal (Blackened or not). If you have a chance to get a hold of this album, please do. Bands like this need some serious support and need to stay active.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Vampire" Track-listing:

1. Orexis
2. Howl From The Coffin
3. At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse
4. Ungodly Warlock
5. The Bestial Abyss
6. Black Deserts
7. Jaws Of The Unknown
8. The Fen
9. Cellar Grave Vampire
10. Under The Grudge

Vampire Lineup:

Black String - Guitars
Command - Bass
Hand of Doom - Vocals
Ratwing - Drums

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