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Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson was born on April 13th, 1971, in Hague, The Netherlands. From […]
By Alex Farmakis
December 15, 2004
Valensia - Queen Tribute album cover

Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson was born on April 13th, 1971, in Hague, The Netherlands. From a very young age he started playing music and his love about Queen was obvious before he became ten years old. Valensia decided to express his love for Queen by making this tribute album.
Some may say: Another tribute album, we are starting to get bored with all these tribute albums, especially with the Queen tributes; they're so many. Well, this is not just another tribute to Queen. I have heard many tributes to Queen but never one as good as this one. Valensia has managed to express all the feeling that Queen wanted to express when they were writing these songs. But let's see what's going on...with this tribute.
At first you can see that Valensia has chosen some not so popular songs for this tribute. I'm not saying that these songs are not popular at all. I'm just saying that he made a choice among so many songs and he chose songs (at least most of them) that cannot be found in other tributes or best of compilations. And that's the best thing about this tribute, the fact that we can hear some songs that aren't heard so often.
And let's move on now to the musical part of this tribute. I could never imagine that there would ever be an artist who would be able to perform Queen songs that good. Valensia has managed to play the songs in such perfection that someone who has not heard all the Queen records many times, could easily think that he is listening to Queen themselves. Valensia's voice is extremely good and very close to Freddie Mercury's voice. He speaks for Freddie; he elegantly expresses all the feeling Mercury might have wanted to express. His theatrical voice makes all the songs on this tribute sound exactly as the original ones and adds all the magic that Queen's songs have. The guitars are perfect and only Brian May has played better than Valensia. The same happens with the bass and with the drums. All the instruments in this tribute are played perfectly and make the songs sound as the original ones.
Also in I'm In Love With My Car there are some female vocals along with the male ones that make the song sound a little different but still very nice. I am happy that I was able to listen to this tribute and I wish to this guy to continue playing music and if he wants to make another tribute to Queen then we'll be delighted to hear it!
I propose this tribute to all those who love Queen's music, everyone who listens to rock and generally everyone who is a fan of any kind of music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Queen Tribute" Track-listing:

Sheer Heart Attack
Man From Manhattan
Bohemian Rhapsody
Polar Bear
I'm In Love With My Car
We Will Rock You
Dear Friends
All The Young Dudes
Killer Queen
Love Of My Life
My Fairy King
You Take My Breath Away (Bonus track)

Valensia Lineup:

Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson - All vocals, Guitars, Bass & keyboards
David Clarkson - Drums

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