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"The True Protagonist," the fifth album by URKRAFT, was just released in May. It is […]
By Allen Peters
June 28, 2022
Urkraft - The True Protagonist album cover

"The True Protagonist," the fifth album by URKRAFT, was just released in May. It is a concept album circulating the discussion between a split-minded, schizophrenic persona called Mr. Case. Each track is the subjects that Mr. Cases split personality, as a lecturer in a therapy group, is discussing during one of his infamous public shows. Shows where they walk through the pros and cons of the matter and focus, challenging various concepts with a role model and victim - which is the tracklist of the album - as they try to figure out: "- who is the true protagonist?"

Religion, politics, concepts of existence and reality are all translated through aggressive blastbeats and righteous guitar riffs on this philosophical death metal album from Denmark. Bringing new elements to the process, this is something unique in style that these Danish fellows have never done before.

Starting out with a more modern Death Metal sound, rather than what I would consider traditional, it has a big sound, almost a theatrical feel to it. The title track, second in line, "The Protagonist," sets the mood with the deep howls of the ominous vocals and crying baby overlaying the staged terror. It is not just a cry, but a very disturbing cry. The picture is being painted on where we are about to go.

One of their first releases on this album is "I Got Blood," SLAYER sounding in both title and in itself.
I do not think that it was designed to be that way but if that sounded like something that you would like, be sure to seek out their official video on YouTube. I think that you will dig it. The lyrics are more clear and easier to understand than in the previous two songs so far, which doesn't necessarily always make it better, but in this case, it is nice to hear and shows a broader range and some diversity instead of the same similar screaming for eleven songs.

Regressing into "The Human Resignation," gives you your own personal session. The lyrics are intriguing, a simple rhythm, but enough for me to hit the replay button when it was over, I immediately wanted to hear it again. It also has a nice solo thrown in at the end to make it complete. I hear a lot of songs and not all of them are necessarily memorable, but only halfway in, this album has some things on it that I'm already looking forward to listening to again.

Here we are at "Well Intentioned Sons," and I still can't help but to bounce my head to the beat. Then... they take you to more of a "wall of death" type place. It needs to happen! From what I've seen here at the larger festivals in the United States, these guys would be a great crowd pleaser, especially for the younger generation.

"Go Get Your Bones," is as good as the title.

The final stretch is just as intense as the rest. Wrapping it up, "We Can't Recognize," even has a Punk feel to it at times, with the intense snare and lyric snaps. Again, something stand alone and unique from the rest. There is no return for me now, if given the opportunity, I will make a point to see this band so that I can see the chaos that it will create when they play live. I'm about to hit replay right now.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The True Protagonist" Track-listing:

1. Uforskyldte Sar
2. The True Protagonist
3. I Got Blood
4. I Bring Nothing to The Table
5. The Human Resignation
6. The Burden Without a Name
7. Well Intentional Sons
8. Go, Get Your Bones
9. Changing Manscape
10. Prepare The Flesh
11. We Can't Recognize

Urkraft Lineup:

Thomas Stromvig - Vocals
Jesper Tander - Bass
Mikael Skou Jorgensen - Drums
Thomas Birk - Guitar
Mads Gath - Guitar

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