Goatcraft Torment


Lately I have come across many Black Metal releases and without wanting it, I have […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 27, 2007
Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment album cover

Lately I have come across many Black Metal releases and without wanting it, I have broadened my Black Metal knowledge. There are many Black Metal bands that I get for a review and I haven't even heard of them. One of those bands is URGEHAL. Don't ask me what this name means, I don't know! It may be a demon's name or something like that! Just a guess...

Formed in 1992, the black metalers come from the most important country for the Black Metal genre, Norway. URGEHAL's members seem to be very busy guys since they play in many other bands like VULTURE LORD, ESGAROTH and IN LINGUA MORTUA. This is their fifth full-length album and their second through Agonia Records.

Norway usually produces great Black Metal bands; I think this is something that we all know. Let's see if URGEHAL can keep Norway's tradition. Their new album, Goatcraft Torment is a classic old school Black Metal album, with a sound similar to bands like TSJUDER, WATAIN and CARPATHIAN FOREST. The atmosphere that surrounds the tracks can be characterized as suicidal, evil and cold. It may be because I have reviewed many Black Metal albums lately, but even though it is a very nice album, it didn't manage to impress me. The lyrics end up being boring since the word Satan is being repeated once in a while and all those satanic, antichristian stuff make me sleepy. I have been tired of this upside down crosses and all those pentagrams! Do something different people! You can still be dark and evil but you also have to be unique!

The tracks are being played fast and furious, but there are also many thrashy mid tempo breaks, which make the album less monotonous. Even though the production is raw and cold, it is also very clear and fortunately, the listener doesn't get tired of all the classic irritating drum noises and the shitty guitar sound. The music is very nice and the work these guys have done on the structure of the songs is more than just decent. We are just talking about quality Black Metal played in an old school way. To tell you the truth, this band seems much better than many shitty Black Metal stuff that are being released out there.

If you are looking for original Black Metal or something to show to the fucker who irritates you with every new CRADLE OF FILTH album, this album is a pretty good solution to your problem. On the one hand I am getting tired of how common many bands are, but on the other hand, thank Satan those bands are still out there, reminding us of the roots of Black Metal!

7 / 10


"Goatcraft Torment" Track-listing:

Goatcraft Torment
Risus Sardonius
Dodsmarsj Til Helvete
Satanic Black Metal In Hell
Nefastus Nex Necis
Gathered Under The Horns
Sentiment Of Chaos
Et Steg Naermere Lucifer

Urgehal Lineup:

Nefas - Vocals, Guitar
Enzifer - Guitar
Sregroth - Bass
Uruz - Drums

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