What the fuck is this? When I got this album, I was looking at the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 21, 2007
Uprise - Uprise album cover

What the fuck is this? When I got this album, I was looking at the CD for 5 minutes in the way a small child observes a strange and new toy. I was looking for something that would mention some info, some basic stuff. Absolutely nothing! No official website mentioned, a line up that was saying stuff like funeralism instead of guitar... These things are just bullshit and I am really tired of searching for stuff for some bands as if I am a label that is trying to sign them. If you do not want to be known, then sit and don't record stuff!

I was really tired of this band since half an hour of searching didn't provide further information than just when they were formed and stuff like that. There is no official website, and their Myspace site has no info at all! There is only a link for a website written in their native language. Ok, fuck off; I am not a multilingual dictionary! Anyway, they were formed in 2005 and this is their first release.

Is it a mini CD or a promo CD? I doubt if the band knows what it is. Anyway, I won't spend much time on this release. You had to see me when I realized that after so much search, the album was not so good! I would like to start with the vocals, which are not the best I have ever come across and at times they end up being funny. I forgot to say that UPRISE play Grindcore in the style of bands like NAPALM DEATH and TERRORIZER (as they say themselves). They wish they could produce something that could even have 1/10 of NAPALM DEATH's quality! The production is not so bad (regarding the sound's quality), but the guitar should be a bit higher. The drums and the vocals are louder than everything else is! Not to comment the bass, which is not even visible. So, the whole release is nothing more than common Grindcore tracks that cannot offer something to the extreme listeners. On a second thought, maybe some die-hard fans that collect everything with the word Grind in it may find some interesting stuff. Oh, the cover of the classic S.O.D. song is nothing more than the recording of the song as it is with Putti's vocals. Nothing interesting here, too.

I already got bored of UPRISE and I admit I am getting a bit sleepy while listening to it. Some times, I wonder which genre has become more boring, Black Metal or Grindcore? Difficult question, but if I judge from the releases that I have recently listened to, maybe Grindcore must do something, and quickly!

3 / 10


"Uprise" Track-listing:

Super Way How To Pass Away
Marches Of Waste
Edition Of Vomits
Clash Of The Genders
Display Of Poorness
Burglar Of Season
Severence Of The Soul
United Forces (S.O.D. Cover)

Uprise Lineup:

Putti - Vocals
Honza - Guitar
Milan - Bass
Jurgen - Drums

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