Upon Your Grave

UPON YOUR GRAVE is a creative band from the boundaries of Québec, Canada that has […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
December 20, 2013
Upon Your Grave - Eponym album cover

UPON YOUR GRAVE is a creative band from the boundaries of Québec, Canada that has been playing Melodic Death Metal by way of various styles. They have released a single ''Haunting Of The Beast'' in 2011 and 6 pieces demo ''Artistic Freedom" and on forward their debut album, ''Eponym'' that was just released.

"Poisoning" is possibly one of the perfect examples for true Melodic Death Metal, Jordan Jolicoeur's high pitched snarls has their way with Dani Filth's fiendish gruesomeness. This is quite an energetic track with a rather diverse tempo. "Cleansing Machine" joins a fine Hard Rock vibe into the deathly blackened CRADLE OF FILTH atmospheric dissonance. Maybe I am a bit far off but this is enabling the impossible, creating a type of music that could serve as a soundtrack for a horror movie. "Not Enough" kicks up the fast rhythm with puncturing melodies and great growl vocals. "Obsession" is a killer with an acoustic intro slowly scaling towards classic Heavy Metal catchiness. "Tune" is the foundation of this band's talents, once again picturing Rock music with edgy display of Oriental drumming. "Death's Only A Beginning" is probably the band's most notable progression demonstration, quite a smart track with interesting arrangements, yet didn't lose the album's vibe.

UPON YOUR GRAVE has a lot of energy to extinguish throughout their debut, it consists of great ideas and musical diversities. The band's passion for traditional Melodic Death Metal is noticed and felt, yet their combination of Rock and progression really benefited their efforts even more. This one is highly recommended, get ready to bang your heard.

8 / 10


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"Eponym" Track-listing:

1. Crooked
2. Poisoning
3. Vicious
4. Tune
5. Cleansing Machine
6. Not Enough
7. Allowed
8. Obsession
9. Life Simulator
10. Death's Only A Beginning

Upon Your Grave Lineup:

Jordan Jolicoeur - Vocals
Alex Grave - Guitars & Noize
Sim Diamond - Lead Guitar
Marc Thériault - Bass
Manuel Allaire-Durand - Drums & Percussions

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