Ravenous Chaos

Upon Graves

UPON GRAVES a Black Metal band from Florida in the USA were formed in 2012 […]
By Paulomaniaco
March 30, 2015
Upon Graves - Ravenous Chaos album cover

UPON GRAVES a Black Metal band from Florida in the USA were formed in 2012 but they actually began much earlier than that, Ian "Mortem" Antonelli was the mastermind behind all and back then they were a trio with Ian "Hex" Tomas and Justice Owens and around 2014 they released a demo called "Made Of Disease", an EP called "The Devil's Hellfire" and after that with the departure of Owens they became a duo and short after they released a full length album entitled "Ravenous Chaos".

Influenced by DISSECTION, TRIBULATION, WATAIN, HORNA they have a distinct and raw sound as well as being very dirty and heavy, definitely a underground album.

First track "Embraced By Eternal Darkness" delivers hell on earth, sharp guitars brutal and grotesque vocals, very catching riffs and cool melodies, also the bass is very clear, definitely a bit of DISSECTION in there, then we have "Burn Blackthorn": very mellow to begin with and then that demoniac vocals screaming through the darkness, lovers of old Norwegian Black Metal will love this album, it has a very dark and medieval atmosphere, very good indeed, lots of work and thoughts were put in this song, actually in this album.

"Descended From The Devil" is another good song, not so very complicated; I like the straight to the point attitude that UPON GRAVES bring to the table, Black Metal in your face and "Hell's Beauty" is actually quite pretty, nice solos with cool melodies and good speed, the vocals are fucking good, I like the variations on the vocals from Black to Death style and I have to say it reminds me of AMON AMARTH at times and the "Morning Star" falls on earth bringing chaos and destruction, slow death and heavy as fuck, "Ruler Of The Eastern Throne" and "The Shadow Of Death" definitely put UPON GRAVES name in the unholy book of Black Metal while "Leviathan" nails the last nail on the cross, and closing down the curtains a rather nice way with the instrumental "11 As 1".

"Ravenous Chaos" is a fine Black Metal album with touches of Death Metal, the combination of both is excellent, a modern album with the old school sounds with no bullshit involved, the production is very good, I mean take in consideration that they have not been signed by anyone as yet, great work indeed, artwork is also very good; this is an excellent album, Black Death in your face.

10 / 10


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"Ravenous Chaos" Track-listing:

1. Embraced By Eternal Darkness
2. Burning Blackthorn
3. Descended From The Devil
4. Hell's Beauty
5. Morning Star
6. Ruler Of The Eastern Throne
7. The Shadow Of Death
8. Leviathan
9. 11 As 1

Upon Graves Lineup:

Ian "Mortem" Antonelli - Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
Ian "Hex" Tomas - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals

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