Forgotten Pact

Until the Sky Dies

From their Facebook page, "UNTIL THE SKY DIES" stands alone when considering the forward-thinking way […]
November 15, 2020
Until the Sky Dies - Forgotten Pact album cover

From their Facebook page, "UNTIL THE SKY DIES" stands alone when considering the forward-thinking way Avant-garde Metal, Doom Metal, Post Hardcore, along with Industrial and Electronic elements are combined to form a truly unique sound." Their debut full-length album here contains eight tracks.

"Chose to Die" opens the album. It begins with low and fuzzy guitar chords with a bit of dissonance. The vocals are gravely utterances, and the production is somewhat muted. I am a bit unsure of exactly how to label is indeed unique, especially with the background tones. "Destructive Voices" opens with drum beats and then some fuzzy discord in the guitars. The vocals are absolutely guttural. Then, things take a strange turn, as the vocals sound more like someone heaving. There isn't much variety here. "Sorrow, Hope, Release" is a seven-minute song, opening with a doomy riff and some background ambiance. It sounds like a twisted form of an undead creature that might come out of the ashes of Chernobyl, years after the nuclear meltdown.

"Never Wanting, Never Lost" features this odd key sequence working against the dissonance of the guitars, I'll admit it, I am not a fan of the gargley vocal style. The guitars, bass and drums hold a steady cadence, but the music is an odd mix of a few different styles. A really strange interlude then comes in, and then it's back to the opening sound. "I the Victor" begins with some melodic keys and a funky bass guitar line. The two elements are competing with one another. Then comes in the guitar and vocals. The riff then turns jovial, but the vocals remain harsh in that strange delivery method.

"Dear Mother, Never Forgotten" begins with more of that dissonant sound. It almost sounds like the band lacks direction, as many of these elements compete with one another. The result is a disjointed affair that is difficult to make sense of. "Zeppelins were not made to Fly" opens with what sounds like something you might hear at a carnival. Then, the drums, bass and guitar drop a heavy sound, with droning vocals. Talk about doesn't get more disjoined than this. Some misplaced vocal chants take the song to completion.

"Experimental Vision" closes the album, at just under ten-minutes in length. SABBATH-esque tones combine with the harsh vocal utterances, and the production here almost sounds amateur. Some strange clean vocals make an appearance and it there are some phasing issues here as well. I have absolutely no idea what I am listening to here. Either these guys are geniuses or they fell asleep during their musical lessons as youths. I am betting on the latter here. The entire album does not do much for their musicianship, and it just sounds like disjointed ideas thrown together as songs. Do yourself a favor, and skip this, as it offers little musically.

3 / 10









"Forgotten Pact" Track-listing:

1. Chose to Die
2. Destructive Voices
3. Sorrow, Hope, Release
4. Never Wanting, Never Lost
5. I the Victor
6. Dear Mother, Not Forgotten
7. Zeppelins were not made to Fly
8. Experimental Vision

Until the Sky Dies Lineup:

Clint Listing - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ryan Michalski - Lead Guitar, Synths, Drums

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