Anthem To Creation

Until Rain

UNTIL RAIN a combo which was formed back in 2004, after a well-received debut album […]
By YngwieViking
August 29, 2013
Until Rain - Anthem To Creation album cover

UNTIL RAIN a combo which was formed back in 2004, after a well-received debut album in 2009 titled "The Reign Of Dreams" and an EP "Pandemic" in 2011, they are back with their sophomore work, "Anthem To Creation", that soon will be released by the British Escape Music label.

This album is quite long and epic, packed with a powerful mix of melodic Progressive Power Metal, embellished over some film score's ingredients and a few Mediterranean folkloric flavors, with a broad sound rich and professional, revealing a large spectrum ranging from SHADOW GALLERY ("My Own Blood") to CIRCUS MAXIMUS ("Living Hell") to KAMELOT ("Anthem To Creation") to DGM ("13-8") to THRESHOLD ("Marionettes").

Hailing from Thessaloniki in Greece, UNTIL RAIN belongs to the 4th generation of Progressive Metal bands, that blends a lot of modern elements in their seasoned favorite genre like electronic loops and ambient keys with a few slightly extreme spices but with also an important amount of Neo-Prog similarities in the intellectual meaning of the Music and the dead serious thematic.

Some cuts are dealing with a more ferocious mode, with a serious additional dose of Power Metal al'a TAD MOROSE / VANDEN PLAS or compatriots WARDRUM, "Brain Death" / "Think Again" or "Empty Helmet" are indeed good examples to illustrate this fact, they also have a strong Symphonic background and each of the 78 minutes of music displayed here, is highly orchestrated in a discreet / subtle manner or in a more evident and even in a so ostentatious way ("The Clang of Shields" / "Anthem to Creation") .

The players are well trained and are all talented musicians but the most impressive member is vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos, who is really an incredible singer, with a great style, a rarely seen attitude in interpretation, huge tessitura and an amazing obvious pitch-control.

With many weird rhythmic parts, and odd time signature ("Breaking of the 7 Seals") , intriguing arrangements ("Marionettes") and always moving structures ("13-8"), the complexity is clearly an useful and creative item to provide the thick ambiance that spread all over this challenging platter, they avoid the trap to play in a sterile mood but it remains some sporadic technical moments that are quite hermetical and ultra-ambitious with sometimes the strange feeling to be 'left on the road side', indeed this is clearly not your daily easy listening piece of Metal but a real astounding album, heavily astonishing, clever and adventurous anthology of creative music , that required to find a true focused mind, in order to reach an alternated state of conscience (well, maybe you only need to be concentrated...)

Easily recommended to everyone here, but firmly suggested to the serious fans of Progressive Metal old and new... Essential for the geek completest crowd, of course.

8 / 10


"Anthem To Creation" Track-listing:

1. Brain Death
2. Think Again
3. Living Hell
4. My Own Blood
5. Empty Helmet
6. 13-8
7. The Clang of Shields Pt. I
8. The Clang of Shields Pt. II
9. Anthem to Creation
10. Breaking of the 7 Seals
11. Marionettes

Until Rain Lineup:

Yannis Papadopoulos - Lead Vocals
Theodore Amaxopoulos - Guitars
Lefteris Germenlis - Keyboards
Bill Gkagkavouzis - Bass
Alex Hughes - Drums

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