Unseen Faith

UNSEEN FAITH is about to drop their second album and it is an absolutely great […]
By Jordan Rogers
November 7, 2020
Unseen Faith - Evoke album cover

UNSEEN FAITH is about to drop their second album and it is an absolutely great depiction of what their version of deathcore is. The album "Evoke" is set to release on November 13th, and even if you aren't aligned with the Christian roots of this group, it is still an album that I would highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of deathcore. There are so many powerful deathcore elements embedded that you will just find yourself lost in the heaviness and anger ridden tone. UNSEEN FAITH does an amazing job with this album and I highly recommend at least clicking the video linked at the bottom before you pass them up. It's three and a half minutes that may just lead to you finding a new band you can rock out to.

"Downfall", the first song on this album, is absolutely stunning. The brutality of this song can be heard in the music. The almost electronic intro leads into the powerful vocals with the heaviness of the guitar and drums coming in behind it. The deathcore vibes are strong and the lyrics hold meaning all in their own. In this first show of UNSEEN FAITH'S talent on the album, you can feel the raw emotion that they put into the making of their music. The thought and articulation of all elements may lead you to "A New Era"... as this is the name of the next song, but it could lead to a new era of thinking as well.

On the second song of the album, prepare to be blown away by the heavy deathcore riffs and the intensely emotional lyrics. You will be thrashing to the melodies pounding into your ear drums. Their ability to mix melody with deathcore in this song is made highly apparent. Thrashing, with a sense of harmony in spots, creating a melody I have only heard done by this group. This album should most certainly be on your "to listen to" list.

"Ode To Heresy" is one of the more melodic songs on the album, but it will not leave your need for deathcore unsatiated. The almost divine intro leads into a tantalizing sound of heavy guitar and drums that will leave you blown away by how smoothly the transitions from deathcore to melody are incorporated into this musical masterpiece. This song is one of my tops on the album, as it is, in my eyes, the perfect ratio of pump your fists and nod your head. In conjunction with the ever so important message heard in the lyrics, this is a must hear track for all people interested in deathcore.

Whether or not you are a fan of UNSEEN FAITH already, I highly encourage you to listen to this album. You will not be disappointed! This group out of Denmark really outdid themselves this time and has set a high bar with their music.

10 / 10









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"Evoke" Track-listing:

1. Downfall
2. New Era
3. Hardwired
4. Wrath
5. Ode To Heresy
6. Out Of The Dark (feat. Daniel McWorther)
7. Heart In A Prison
8. The Perfect Human (feat. Adreas Bjulver)
9. The Greatest Threat (feat. Benjamin Ganzhorn)
10. Wither

Unseen Faith Lineup:

Alexander Eriksen - Lead Vocals
Jakob Langvad - Rhythm Guitars
Asbjørn Brokhøj Urban - Lead Guitar
Christian Jensen - Bass/Backing Vocals
Klaus Schmidt - Drums

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