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Welcome all of you hardcore Death Metal fans to UNSACRED SEED from London, Ontario. Lock […]
By Ray Burrows
April 26, 2014
Unsacred Seed - Frontiers album cover

Welcome all of you hardcore Death Metal fans to UNSACRED SEED from London, Ontario. Lock your doors, shut your windows and prepare for war! As soon as you shift their new album "Frontiers" into drive your neighbors will think the apocalypse has begun, from start to finish this album will grab you and pull you into the trenches for a dark and perilous journey into the deepest depths of the Death Metal genre!

Now this is some speedy Death Metal at its finest, "Frontiers" by UNSACRED SEED is their second release, it sounds a bit unlike your average Death Metal album, I can say that the vocals will tear apart your soul; I will leave it up you fans to decide if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

I feel that their music is somewhat on the Thrashy side of Death Metal, and that is a good thing, it is a powerful album, but be warned this is a very Hardcore release that will only appeal to those very diehard Death Metal fans, yet the Thrash mixed in with the roaring vocals is actually a combination that melds very well together! The apocalypse can be in your hands soon!

UNSACRED SEED's new album "Frontiers" is an Apocalyptic venture worth taking, a true prospect for the band's next steps.

7 / 10


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"Frontiers" Track-listing:

1. Higgs Klon Zon
2. Frontiers
3. The Gods Themselves
4. Eyes Of The Universe
5. Artilects
6. Temporal Distortions
7. Higher Dimensions
8. The Watchers

Unsacred Seed Lineup:

Andrew Murray - Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Programming
Stefan Perras - Guitar / Bass / Programming
Dee Lyons - Lead Vocals
Dan Labute - Bass
Jon Doyle - Vocals

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