No Sign Of Life


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: UNLEASHED signed via Napalm Records, […]
December 12, 2021
Unleashed - No Sign Of Life album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: UNLEASHED signed via Napalm Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Death Metal, on their 14th Full-length album entitled: "No Sign Of Life" (released November 12th, 2021). Since formation in 1989; the quartet in question have 3 Demos, 1 Split, 3 EPs, 2 Live albums, 3 Boxed sets, 2 Compilations, 1 Single and 14 Full-length albums in their discography so far. Having been acquainted with the band, I'm very much excited in diving into this slice of brutal Death Metal stronghold. 11 tracks ranging at around 39:13; UNLEASHED arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this blistering barrage frenzy on rampantly rompy grooviness, a bludgeoning foundation on trailblazing rips soar with gnarly distortion and amplified adrenaline... where thunderously punchy jumpiness bounces boisterously with stridently ripping savagery within "The King Lost His Crown". Steamrolling retribution ramifies with monstrously meaty executions in bulldozing blitzkrieg, guitar rifting snarls from duo Fredrik Folkare (on lead) & Tomas Måsgard (on rhythm) excels in sonically seamless yet twinning assaults in frolicking firepower dexterity - throttling with volatile yet sulfurous mayhem which smacks speakers with viciously tight viscerality. "The Shepherd Has Left The Flock" attributes at concretely gritty bombardments in belting clobbering that piledrives with rambunctious ferocity from battering drummer Anders Schultz; slamming the set with steely precision, sturdy thuds & primitively raw weight on rough scours that make one want to bang heads and break chairs over other chairs in no time.

A grinding chop slays with crunchy catchiness within the catchy but chunky monolith "Where Can You Flee" showcases slaying momentum which lacerates eardrums with killer potency, vibrant technicalities & revving stampedes, rampaging with motoring onslaughts of oppressive malevolence while this hostile extremity elements at a borderline calamity on relentlessly organic substance while rapidly swift nimbleness thrills speakers with solid transparency - profusely. Strong robustness comes into play with "You Are The Warrior!" which pounds souls with bone crushing intensity, chugging away with quaking virtuosity that quintessentially gallops into a chaotic maelstrom of rumbling reverb & trembling drum cymbal pedalling. Nothing but grunty complexity shrouds you while revelling with this remedios on slaughter, this is the kind of record that you wish would never end - it sounds that good. Instrumentally ferocious and vocally raspy, Johnny Hedlund surges with throaty gutturals as pipes shout with yelling grovelling, grasping an immense growl of tearing respite, robustly.

The titular track distils at a flamboyant chisel as Johnny continues to rattle his bass with razor-sharp audibility, a chugging contortion implements hasteful swerve on bestial devastation and total pandemonium, ruthlessly vibrating with stompy yet thumpy agility. A distinct tribulation salubriously unearths this spellbinding ritual on striking pursuits on maliciously sinister descegration, as "The Highest Ordeal" smothers necks with this unrelenting prowess to thrash like a maniac. Unleashing the brutal face of wrathful aggression in which supplies this maddening but energetic wraith to mosh anything in sight, this kind of Death Metal is consistent and concise, it's a berserking exercise in bloodthirsty wickedness that rules with sadistic synergy which will start your day off rightly so. "Midgard Warriors For Life" almost has a Power Metal influence embedded to it, however UNLEASHED here have shown that you can impactfully merge that incentive into Death Metal viking territory no problem - much like legionnaires AMON AMARTH but deadlier. Raging with soldiering nastiness, thick layers of filth driven harmonies slab sufficient amounts of smothering scatters in blasphemous domination which roll heads into oblivion.

"Did You Struggle With God?" gravitates with more riveting perseverance that persists mightily while venomously bruising an infectious boundary in injecting repugnant profanity where bombing ingredients blast with nuclear, mid-paced thrashiness amongst a dense flair on melodeath territory with "Tyr Wields The Sword". Smouldering dank but biting rhythms that riff with tinged, old school deathliness in which miraculously merge with modernized synthetics among a demolishing scale - UNLEASHED provide the perfect grandeur in culminating a not so diverse charge but outbursting preliminary on these sub-genres in place efficaciously and converged brilliantly. The penultimate banger "It Is Finished" edges towards some touches on Heavy Metal malformations, transforming into a greater deity into blunt force chaos with the Death Metal baton of bashfully ravenous & cavernous furore.

Overall concluding "No Sign Of Life" with the finale epic: "Here At The End Of The World"; which furnaces into unfathomable thickness which occasionally adds a creative conundrum on spectral keyboard parts with impenetrable density, as after all a unique variety does inventively unearth itself with majestic proportion. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that this rollicking echo draws a fine line in auditory excursions of all things malignant while staying true to themselves in a vigorously zestful yet towering way. UNLEASHED certainly outdone themselves with this one; an enjoyably entertaining discovery that's worthy of spinning & replaying tenfold should you fancy a deafening but uncompromising Death Metal release that all fans of this subgenre will surely relish in. Do check it out!

10 / 10









"No Sign Of Life" Track-listing:

1. The King Lost His Crown
2. The Shepherd Has Left the Flock
3. Where Can You Flee?
4. You Are the Warrior!
5. No Sign of Life
6. The Highest Ideal
7. Midgard Warriors for Life
8. Did You Struggle with God?
9. Tyr Wields the Sword
10. It is Finished
11. Here at the End of the World

Unleashed Lineup:

Johnny Hedlund - Vocals/Bass
Anders Schultz - Drums
Tomas Måsgard - Rhythm Guitar
Fredrik Folkare - Lead Guitar

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