Hells Unleashed


After a rather long pause (or at least on the recording front) of 5 years, […]
By David Kaluza
May 27, 2002
Unleashed - Hells Unleashed album cover

After a rather long pause (or at least on the recording front) of 5 years, Unleashed is back with their new album Hell's Unleashed, and it's quite a comeback as well, easily withstanding comparission with the best of their albums.
Now don't go expecting anything groundbreaking or different from these guys because that's just not what's on offer here. What you do get however, is rock-solid, catchy death metal played mostly at mid-tempo speed with the occasional up-tempo song thrown in for some variation. (with more than a little resemblance to old Venom, which is not a bad thing of course).
I must say this is one of the most enjoyable old-school death metal albums i've heard recently, and I can only applaud to the fact that the band didn't find it neccesary to change their style (like so many others do these days). After all, what could possibly be more fun than listening, banging your head and growling too songs like Demoneater, Fly Raven Fly or Burnt Alive.  
Another thing which has to be mentioned are the occasionally funny lyrics, I dare you not too smile at a song like Your Head Is Mine (...cause your head is mine, with my choice of wine - this one is another personal favourite btw) or Joy In The Sun. Quite simply a superb and enjoyable album. An excellent come-back from an excellent band.  More of this please !!

8 / 10


"Hells Unleashed" Track-listing:

Don't Want To Be Born  
Hell's Unleashed  
Fly Raven Fly  
Mrs. Minister  
Joy In The Sun  
Demons Rejoice  
We'll Come For You  
Dissection Leftovers  
Peace, Piece By Piece  
Burnt Alive  
Your Head Is Mine  
Made In Hell  

Unleashed Lineup:

Johnny - Bass & Vocals
Fredrik - Lead Guitar
Tomas - Rhythm Guitar
Anders - Drums

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