Universe III

Universe III

Universe formed by founder member Michael Kling in 1982 .Back then hard rock ruled the […]
May 26, 2024

Universe formed by founder member Michael Kling in 1982 .Back then hard rock ruled the streets. The members all hailed from several various local bands which in the late seventies included John Norum of WC and Joey Tempest all from the same Swedish city Upplands Vasby. Their debut album “Universe” was released in 1985,but after recording some demos for a second album they went their separate ways in 1988.However over the years they still kept in contact with each other and in 2018 they recorded a new album “Rock Is Alive” under the name Universe Infinity with Andreas Eklund (House Of Shakira) brought in as the new singer, with the original band members including the founding member Michael Kling On Guitar. ”Universe III” was created from 20 songs written over the pandemic 10 of which were saved for this album but now minus founding member Michael Kling due a rift with other band members. Now ready to go out on the road again to meet their audience and play some tracks from all three albums.

I Am” the first single starts the album a melodic rock spectacle a great melody, chorus and vocals in true Scandinavian melodic rock fashion ,a powerful start to this album ”To Serve And Protect” sirens blazing at the start definitely has that Eighties feel about it reminds me of Dokken. Its a powerful track that would not look out of place on a major Eighties movie soundtrack .”Casa De Los Pollos” translates to “Chicken House!” is a more up tempo Hard Rock track different to the first two tracks which has some great Guitar and Keyboard solos, a Spanish talking women half way through and to end the track a Chicken! “Why” is a Melodic Rock power ballad with Andreas Eklunds vocals are delivered with power and emotion, some nice piano touches within this track with a superb guitar solo definitely an album highlight. ”Hanging By A Thread” is another great example of Swedish Melodic Rock in it's finest form, the instrumental arrangement and vocals are on point another great track. ”Rise Above” has a war like intro, a heavier track than the previous. a story of war with those Malmsteen and Blackmore style guitar solos and touches. ”Liquid Confidence” has the same sort of feel to it too with touches of British Heavy Metal influences of Deep Purple and Rainbow in the melody of the song .”Dream Of Better Days” is a great AOR track with keyboard touches of great rock bands of the seventies. ”Too Late” has a great bass line intro, prominent throughout this track a more Prog Rock and Classic Rock feel, which is OK but not my favourite track. ”It's Time” the last track on this album is another track which sounds like classic rock of old a cross between Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath, another track which is an epic spectacle.

Universe III has delivered a great album . It is an album of ten tracks with a nostalgic sound at times, some of the tracks have a powerful presence and spectacle which is delivered with great conviction. There are some great vocals, melodies and arrangements that are paired with some nice production. Definitely worth checking out and listening to.

7 / 10









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"Universe III" Track-listing:

1, I Am

2, To Serve And Protect

3. Casa De Los Pollos

4, Why

5. Hanging By A Thread

6. Rise Above

7. Liquid Confidence

8.Dream Of Better Days

9.Too Late

10.It's Time

Universe III Lineup:

Andreas Eklund – Lead And Backing Vocals

Freddie Kristrom- Keyboards

Hasse Hagman – Bass

Anders Wetterstrom - Drums

Per Nilsson – Electric And Acoustic Guitars

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