High On Metal / The Aftermath

Under Attack

Ok, now I think I've seen it all. Retro (bordering Trash/Cult) Speed Thrash metalheads UNDER […]
By Kostas Kiriakis
April 24, 2014
Under Attack - High On Metal / The Aftermath album cover

Ok, now I think I've seen it all. Retro (bordering Trash/Cult) Speed Thrash metalheads UNDER ATTACK present to us their two EPs High On Metal (2014) and The Aftermath (2013) in one handy compilation package.

I rarely judge books by their covers, even if sometimes I do. So what do I find? Hilarious cover art that could have been drawn by a 5-year old (seriously), production worthy of a pre-production demo, and drunken Speed/Thrash/Heavy Metal that words fail me to describe. I mean, these guys play THAT bad at times, it makes me wonder if they're doing it on purpose, just to have their own private joke on us. Not to mention the extra amount of cheese in the lyrics. If the Swedes want to be a real band they should respect their audience (and themselves) more. Otherwise there's no point continuing down this path.

Not much more to say here. If you like MOTORHEAD, VENOM, and early SLAYER, have sufficient amounts of booze to drive yourself to a drunken daze, plenty of time to kill, and above all low standards, UNDER ATTACK is your thing. Otherwise steer away.

3 / 10


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"High On Metal / The Aftermath" Track-listing:

1. Reaping Souls (Intro)
2. The Hammer
3. High on Metal (Steeltrip Bastards)
4. The Beast
5. Reaping Souls Reprise (Outro)
6. Knee Deep In Blood
7. Wolf
8. The Aftermath
9. Issues With The Fists
10. High On Metal (Steeltrip Bastards, demo version)

Under Attack Lineup:

Gustaf Sundin - Vocals
Björn Thorup - Guitars
Mattias Johansson - Drums
Anders Hvitman - Bass

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