Infernal Judgement

Unbounded Terror

UNBOUNDED TERROR hailing from Mallorca, Spain were formed in 1990 as PUTREFAECT MONSTROUSITY and renamed […]
February 12, 2021
Unbounded Terror - Infernal Judgement album cover

UNBOUNDED TERROR hailing from Mallorca, Spain were formed in 1990 as PUTREFAECT MONSTROUSITY and renamed in 1991. They were one of the very first Death Metal bands in Spain and active until 1993. Until then, they released a couple of demos and one full-length album in 1992. UNBOUNDED TERROR reunited in 2019 and they released another full-length album "Faith In Chaos" in 2020. "Infernal Judgement" is a compilation album and it was released via Spanish label Xtreem Music which is specialized in Death, Thrash, and Black Metal. The album has a length of 34 minutes.

Although "Infernal Judgement" is a compilation album, it only consists of new material. The title song was taken from a single that was released in 2020, all the studio songs are versions from 2020, and the live songs were originally released on the latest album "Faith In Chaos".

The only really new song after the reunification is the title song "Infernal Judgement". It is also a slight different song compared to that what UNBOUNDED TERROR typically offer. The sound is a mix of traditional Death Metal and melodic Death Metal. Kept in mid-tempo with higher paced blast-beat driven parts combined with slower melodic parts which include harmonic and melancholic lead guitar sequences. The main guitar riffs are aggressive but catchy throughout. The growling vocals are at the low end of the guttural range. "Infernal Judgement" was also released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

The other studio songs were all taken from the first album "Nest Of Affliction". All songs are more traditional Death Metal songs played mostly at high tempo with aggressive guitar riffs, insane and blisteringly fast drumming, and brutal growls. "Dreamlord" has a few mid-tempo breaks and also some slower gloomy parts. The lead guitar sequences are relatively simple but very effective and fit to the sound perfectly. "Fear" and "Slaves Of Sufferage" are more straight-forward with a "kick-in-your-face" attitude. Noticeable are the fine lead guitar contributions especially in "Fear". "Slaves Of Sufferage" and "Sarcastic Souls" are songs in the best tradition of Death Metal of the ninetieths with bludgeoning drums, flesh-ripping guitars and dark and doom-laden guitar riffing during the mid-tempo breaks.

The live songs are a special treat for fans and indicate that not much has changed since 1992 in the Death Metal approach of UNBOUNDED TERROR. The only exception is actually the title song which has much more melodic elements compared to the other new songs. I would have loved to hear a few more live songs on the album.

"Infernal Judgement" is a compilation that gives a representative overview on the sound of UNBOUNDED TERROR in the past and today. All the songs are traditional Death Metal songs (perhaps with one exception) and it reminds me a bit on the English Death Metal School with bands like CARCASS or BOLT THROWER. I am still wondering about why UNBOUNDED TERROR release a compilation based on a back catalogue of only two full-length albums and a few demos, but it takes nothing away from the damned good Death Metal sound on this album. It also comes with a very good production. Fans of traditional Death Metal will like what they hear and they will be excited for future releases of UNBOUNDED TERROR as well as checking out the most recent album if they have not done yet.

8 / 10









"Infernal Judgement" Track-listing:

1. Infernal Judgement
2. Dreamlord
3. Fear
4. Slaves Of Sufferage
5. Sarcastic Souls
6. They Will Come From The Pain (Live)
7. Silent Soul (Live)
8. Hated In Hell (Live)

Unbounded Terror Lineup:

Andrew Spinosa - Vocals; Bass
Vicente J. Paya - Guitars
Juan Mateu ­ Guitars
Jaume Porta - Drums

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