Inner Dimensions


The technical death metal band, UNALIGNED, is keeping Florida death metal alive on their debut […]
January 24, 2023
Unaligned - Inner Dimensions album cover

The technical death metal band, UNALIGNED, is keeping Florida death metal alive on their debut EP, "Inner Dimensions." While they don't play the traditional "Florida Death Metal" sound, this debut is not to be missed. Clocking in at twenty-six and a half minutes, these six tracks show that technical death metal can sound innovative as well as accessible.

The opening title track begins with some inventive death metal drumming with double bass fills. Andrew Guia's vocals are both growled and raspy when appropriate. I found the riffs to be on par with subgenre heavyweights, SOREPTION. The requisite blast beats were used expertly as well.

The following track, "Transient Gate," has a ballistic start-stop staccato approach. There's one quick burst of energy followed by several equally intense blasts. This technique is perfectly executed. The riffs and acrobatic guitar lines are spot on.

Track number three, "Of Chaos," is all about controlled chaos. After a standard intro, things get hectic. The production quality of this EP is sublime. Every note and every lyric is delivered with the utmost punctuality. When this track is not assaulting your ears, they are playing their version of the melodic sections that MESHUGGAH used on their earlier albums. The influence is there, but they succeed in making it their own.

The final track, "Void Wraith," is slower and more deliberate than the preceding five tracks. It is still very much a technical death metal song, just with a modicum of restraint applied. The start-stop blast beats from "Transient Gate" make a return and the gloves come off about midway through the track for a frantic section. After giving it their all in the speed and technicality departments, the music then returns to the controlled passages from earlier. There is also a passage with whispered vocals that I hope they revisit in the future.

With "Inner Dimensions," UNALIGNED more than exceeded my expectations. I am picky about the bands that I choose to follow, and UNALIGNED has left me wanting more. Every track is engaging and exhilarating, and that's exactly what I look for in technical death metal bands.

9 / 10

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"Inner Dimensions" Track-listing:

1. Inner Dimensions
2. Transient Gate
3. Of Chaos
4. Kenopsia
5. Occhiolism
6. Void Wraith

Unaligned Lineup:

Taylor Tidwell - Guitars, Bass
Andrew Guia - Vocals, Lyrics
Jack Blackburn - Drums

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